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33 replies
  1. Fosho
    Fosho says:

    bro, I did this recipe yesterday. Dude you are the man, my father n law from Mexico said this was the best carnitas he has ever had. Thank you for this recipe, I plan on making this every year for New years. Thanks Kibs

  2. E Fed
    E Fed says:

    Tried this out today and this was the simplest, yet best, recipe. I’ve tried other approaches in an attempt to recreate the ones I remember my dad making when I was a kid. Notably, many recipes on YouTube call for milk in some form, which I could never remember him using. Saw your video and had to try it, and I was not disappointed! Thanks for posting this, I’ll definitely be making these again! Subscribed 👍

  3. Manny Rodriguez
    Manny Rodriguez says:

    My uncle's are pros at this in Michoacan and I miss their carnitas so much and I hate that here in Nebraska I can hardly find any good carnitas… they always look grey and like propane gas for some reason if you know what I mean, anyways glad I found this so I can try at home without a "cazo". You got me as a new subscriber for this! Blessings man!

  4. B1g Mustang
    B1g Mustang says:

    Just subscribed. Going out to Northgate and getting me a disco. Heading out coyote and Duck hunting at the end of the month for the weekend. Down by Salt n Sea. Carnitas, beers and tequila. Cooking up your recipe for the homies.

  5. ngatiramona
    ngatiramona says:

    #kirbyBanderas this is both inspirational and a fascinating topic. This is beautiful on so many levels, and thoroughly enjoying the recipe, history and the colour of the fat is rich! Flavor baby!❤🧡💛💚💙💜🥰 Drew!! Much respect.. please have him on again. Hes adorable!!

  6. S. C.
    S. C. says:

    Doing this recipe today for New Years, and your Pozole. Inlaws love it, just got myself a copper cazo and a disco, lets see what happens.

  7. Tuna Emperor
    Tuna Emperor says:

    This looks great Kirby! Awesome Recipe, Tuna learned a lot! What is the pan/cooking-device you used to cook this in?

    Thank you, all the best to you and your family, and a happy new year!


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