15 Unbelievable Grocery Hacks That’ll Save You Thousands!

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Is your grocery budget out of control? Today, we will be sharing easy grocery hacks you can use to save a lot more money on your …

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  1. sue b raschio
    sue b raschio says:

    M+Ms with obstacles 🤣 I was just shopping at Kroger (Fred Meyer here in Portland oregon) I literally said out loud to myself nope I don't need that do I tawra lol😄☺️

  2. Heather of the mountains
    Heather of the mountains says:

    I was so sorry to learn that you won't be doing bible Q&A's anymore. However, I would like to thank you for the time together we did have discussing the Word. There were many things that you all helped me clear up. My faith has absolutely grown stronger for your dedication to His word and the truth therein. May God continue to bless you all in the mighty name of Jesus the Christ, Yahshua Hamashiac. Amen 💙 All my love and prayers for you and yours. 💙

  3. Jenny H
    Jenny H says:

    I was working..I sew.. so here I am laughing my head off.. girls looking at me like what?? Y'all just kept it coming.. had a great day at work. Thank y'all!

  4. Cindy Beatty
    Cindy Beatty says:

    Good afternoon. I have the old dining on a dime from 2004. Is mine volume 1? I don’t want to have multiples if it is the same. If not, I’m going to order while they are on sale. 😊

  5. IamKyuTee (큐티)
    IamKyuTee (큐티) says:

    I make cheeseburger macaroni anc make a double batch because I put the other half in a container and refrigerate 2 days on the 3rd day I add a can of chili and a diced onion which turns it into cheesy chili mac. My husband was one abd still thinks he is one of those who refuse to eat leftovers. He thinks I eat all the leftovers for my lunch. Lol. He has had leftovers not knowing and I am nit telling him. Oh, he is also one that says he hates beans and veggies. Well he loves my meatloaf and I put a cup of cooked black beans in the blender and use it in place of 1egg in my double batch recipe add finely sheddred carrots abd zucchini and season it with Italian seasoning, garlic a d onion powder, I top it with my homemade ketchup. He has yet to say he tastes any beans or veggies. Lol
    Yes, I am a sneaky wife but the type of sneaking I do is to sneak healthy foids in his diet.
    By the way his doctor asked how I was able to get my husband's nutrition up to normal levels from being so low. I gave him a look and he said " Never mind do not tell me since he will know and most picky eaters it is 90% in their heads." Also, if a person tried a food they say they do not like 10 times a year they usually have a chznge in their taste.
    Sugar and empty carb foods are the main reason people gain weight. The chikd obesity issue if you look into the duet that chikd has 80% of their duet is sugars abd empty carbs. Thise make a chi,d hyper. Another friend of mine before the doctors in the USA put her son on medication for adhd/add/hyperactivity I went over what she gad in her house and threw out 3 trash bags of junk food!! IT WAS DIFFICUKT THE FIRST 3 MONTHS WHITH HIS TANTRUMS. But after that he was doing way better in school and able to concentrate without being so ADDICTED TO SUGAR AND EMPTY CARBS. He never had to be put on medications. He is now in his late 30s abd he never has had junk food in his home with his children who are very healthy teenagers.

  6. Kerryn Wright
    Kerryn Wright says:

    Wow! What a day for you!!!! Thanks for your effort & time putting on the live after everything that happened! I hope & pray that things will smooth out for you with your renovations! Great tips!🥰 Blessings from South Australia💕🐨

  7. Bonnie Laarman
    Bonnie Laarman says:

    I live in a small beautiful town along the shore of Lake Michigan and for years we had a cross on one of the tallest sand dunes and one person who didn't even live here sued the city and they took down the cross. Now a "minister" at one of the churches is pushing a festival for the queer people this Spring and one local resterants is going to have a drag queen show! I am just sick about it! People are protesting it. And the things are including children with games, etc. Yes, the world has gone crazy and it did seem to happen fast. I believe we are in the end times.😐

  8. Myla C
    Myla C says:

    I have gotten so much out of your cookbooks and love watching your videos/shows. Made your no knead bread two nights ago and it’s gone already. Thank you for all the help you give.

  9. Chelle4247
    Chelle4247 says:

    My husband makes that comment: "This would cost $_.__ at _ Restaurant." 🤣 Thanks for the laugh, & thank you for the wonderful hardback cookbooks. I bought them during your moving sale. Before that, I had Not Just Beans.

  10. Judy Hobbs
    Judy Hobbs says:

    Furthermore.. it’s a slap in the face for us women! WHY do women want women rights and the same pay for jobs, but then men dress up and try to be like a woman… and some support it!!!!!! Soooo sick!!!!! Two genders…. That’s ALL!!!!!!

  11. Judy Hobbs
    Judy Hobbs says:

    Love you guys. Our world is horrible right now. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah bc of sin. I’ve never seen anything like what is going on now. It’s so bad. These companies are horrible. God help us!!!!

  12. Theresa V
    Theresa V says:

    Oh that 40% off your books is so awesome. I bought when it was 30% and thought that was good. I did not know you ever did 40% off. That is so awesome and so generous!

  13. Tracy Steward
    Tracy Steward says:

    Personally I buy butter when I can BUT is it just me or does butter not taste like it used to? Send to me it has no taste whereas margarine seems to taste more like butter to me.

  14. Kelly Talley
    Kelly Talley says:

    At the end…WOW you say so much of what I want to yell every day. (I love it) Man is man/Woman is Woman. There is no in-between. Frankenstein People are every where. 🤔😵‍💫🙈🙉🙊

  15. Cheryl Graham
    Cheryl Graham says:

    You two ladies are great! You’re such an abundance of good smart information. I love your videos and you feel to me like friends. Thank you for all you do and God bless you!

  16. Deb Doughty
    Deb Doughty says:

    My mom also made homemade noodles for Thanksgiving that everyone loved. I found the Reames noodles a few years ago and I think they taste the same as the homemade ones when cooked with turkey broth.

  17. Lynnette Jennings
    Lynnette Jennings says:

    I live in humid Texas, and my key to keeping butter on the counter is to add a little bit of cold butter from the fridge every day or two. The majority of the butter will stay soft but not start to mold.

  18. Vickie Harris
    Vickie Harris says:

    I remember my mom's having to use cloth diapers on 8 of us 9 children…but she delegated me and one of my older sisters as helpers..because she had to work.we had to learn to wash diapers in pail of bleach..rinse it out..flush out the messes in the diaper in the toilet..rinse out the diapers again in hot water..but if we had a box of snowy bleach or dreft…that was a big help..in washing the diapers by hand..or if our wringer washing machine worked at the time. When the diapers were properly bleached and rinsed..we would hang the diapers outside on a clothes line with clothespins. To dry.. The cloth diapers always had a fresh clean smell that i remember…

  19. Amy Aydt
    Amy Aydt says:

    I only cook rice in the rice cooker and beans in the crockpot because… I have burnt too many pots of rice and or beans… and after waiting for 4 hours putting in more water and then getting distracted I am so sad to have to throw it out

  20. Lynnette Jennings
    Lynnette Jennings says:

    Wow! You’re taking no prisoners! 😂 yes!!! In the 1980s , having garage sales was my main source of income as SAHM with a sickly infant. Within a year’s time frame , I was forced to sell EVERYTHING we owned except the absolute necessities just to pay for rent and groceries. It subsidized my husband’s income and helped to keep us going for a year. You also hit me hard because I was literally on my way out to get a pedicure, treat myself to coffee shop coffee, and go to HomeGoods this morning. 🫣🤭🤫


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