10 Beef Strips Freezer Meals in 30 Minutes!

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Beef strips were on sale, so we’re making 10 different beef strip freezer meal recipes. Join the Freezer Meals 101 Club and get …

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  1. Robyn Watson
    Robyn Watson says:

    Hi Sharla, Just found you on YouTube. Love watching you and am so excited to get started making freezer meals. I am 74 and widowed and this would be wonderful for me because I am just going back to work after being retired for 4 years! As soon as I get paid I am going to join the club! So excited!!!!!

  2. SB
    SB says:

    I put a sheet of paper towel between the bags when I first freeze them. Even if part stick or are folded together weird, they can be easily separated

  3. Richard Wright
    Richard Wright says:

    Good evening Freezer Meals 101. That looks absolutely delicious. Isn't amazing how you can actually stockpile your freezer with 10 Beef Strips Freezer Meals in just 30 minutes. Have a good Sunday.

  4. P M Glennie
    P M Glennie says:

    I agree that stroganoff should have egg noodles. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a GF egg noodle. I did find GF Tagliatelle though and it is a satisfactory substitute with your ground beef stroganoff recipe.

  5. Jeanne Marie MacKenzie
    Jeanne Marie MacKenzie says:

    Another great one!! Great recipes, for sure. I'm trying my hardest to find good recipes without cream cheese or heavy cream in them and you have a huge variety here to choose from. Some with, some without. Awesome. Thank you so much!!

  6. jujube2407
    jujube2407 says:

    Word of caution in the us! ⚠️ PLEASE know your prices…MOST stores will jack up the prices on buy one get one free stuff… so it's either double the price( not really a sale) or they mark it up a third per pound to give you a "free one"


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