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Stuff In Our Cupboard Bean And Tomato Soup Looking for an easy bean soup recipe that you can whip up with items from your pantry. This is quarantine …
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33 replies
  1. Alex K
    Alex K says:

    Made this with some chipotles in adobo sauce since that's all I had, came out great! Thanks for putting together these pantry friendly recipes!

  2. Marie Lawson
    Marie Lawson says:

    I think it’s safe to say that many of us don’t have dried ancho chilis in our pantry… that chili makes up a huge part of the flavour of this… what can be used instead????

  3. Uwe Schroeder
    Uwe Schroeder says:

    My wife would ask whether there's chevre in the house – the slight gamy salty crumble would do well on this soup. I would add a toasted slice of sourdough bread (homemade of course) on the side and then be really full after eating it all 😉 Great recipe. It's a variation of bean/tomato soup I haven't tried yet ( I rarely mess up a blender so my soups tend to be chunky)

  4. Keith Davidson
    Keith Davidson says:

    This is such a kind and thoughtful series you’re doing Glen. Much respect and best wishes from Northern Ireland 🙏🏼☘️🙏🏼. May I wish you, your family, friends and followers good health and good luck throughout this terrible time for mankind.

  5. assoverteakettle
    assoverteakettle says:

    RE: Panic buying and hoarding.

    It's sad to wake up to a society where we realize how many self-serving people there are in the face of adversity. The George Costanzas of the world who will push other people out of the way in the face of a moderate danger.


    I mean at the heart of it, this is a flu. A serious flu that must be contained, no doubt, but it is NOT a major hopeless cataclysm or catastrophe. And yet this is how some people in society act with such a self-serving behavior of hoarding all to themselves or, worse, trying to make a buck by reselling things at inflated prices.

    Yes, I understand that these people are frightened and frightened people do irrational things but ask yourself: what is society going to be like and how are anti-social people like this going to respond when a bigger disaster hits? The reaction of people is more of a concern to me than the COVID-19.

    That sermon aside, It isn't a bad idea to overbuy more than usual, and be more mindful of not being overindulgent. Buy a few extra things, especially canned goods and supplies, because at least this will limit the frequency you have to go to the supermarket during this global lockdown.

    But I'm pretty sure our governments would sooner lift these lockdowns and allow the free flow of goods and services before the bigger evil of allowing people to starve to death so these panicky hoarders need to really chill and work with the rest of us rather than against us.

  6. KyEstra
    KyEstra says:

    LMAO "Pandemic Fail" I'm going to have to use that for the rest of this ridiculousness. Thanks so much Glen! <3 Hope you and Jewels are doing well.

  7. au burrito
    au burrito says:

    Tonight I came across your channel while I was browsing YouTube and saw your Depression-era recipes. I clicked, hoping to find food I could make with very little because the markets in the US are very empty as well. I was only able to get my hands on some yogurt on my last trip, and multivitamins just in case I can't get what I need from less food. Right now I'm trying to ration my food intake and have also been trying to make things with fewer ingredients, at least until I can find more food on my next market run. I'm really glad I came across your channel. You show how easy it is to make something using simple ingredients and you are also just very pleasant to watch. I think I may have a can of tomatoes and beans left in my pantry as well as many spices, and will hopefully be able to make a pot of something with it. All the panic buying has been leaving many people going hungry and I hope it stops soon.

  8. henry schumacher
    henry schumacher says:

    YouTube a month or so ago started putting all these fun things you can cook with sardines, on my YouTube feed , well I have enough sardines and canned pink salmon,tomato products , jars of garlic , cow in the can ,rice , pasta ,beans , capers , olives , knorr stock , I was ready for the epidemic and I didn’t even know it. Do you think YouTube had a premonition? The sardine recipes are great

  9. Ollie Thompson
    Ollie Thompson says:

    Thank you Glenn! This sort of content is so calming and relaxing for people like myself who are in incredibly stressful positions right now due to this virus! Cheers from a Brit currently stranded in the US

  10. graytart
    graytart says:

    I have been searching for a recipe that replicates the hard-to-find Habitant bean with ham soup. It has pea beans, carrots, flour, smoked ham, corn starch, tomato paste, lard, salt, onion powder, sugar, msg, smoked soybean oil and beta carotene. It is not very tomato-y. The search continues!


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