You've Been Splitting English Muffins Wrong Your Entire Life

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Let’s settle this long standing debate. Should you cut your English muffins with a knife or split them with a fork? How about neither …

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  1. Weirdogirl 127
    Weirdogirl 127 says:

    What in the..? Since when do people use knives and forks on their english muffins??? I was raised on the pull-apart method! I had no clue other people used these character-destroying utensils to split apart their english muffins. I love the uneven edges that I get from digging my fingers carefully into the seam and slowly pulling my two sides apart! And the big crevices…😌🤌

  2. YoSpiff
    YoSpiff says:

    Not totally gone in the US. I was able to buy some crumpets at Central Market recently. Only one kind available though, and they were hard to locate.

  3. Linda Easley
    Linda Easley says:

    I always pulled them apart along the seam.
    Thomas's English Muffins were created by Samuel Bath Thomas. An English immigrant who came to NYC in 1874.
    He got into the bakery business and created his muffins in 1880 by cooking them on a griddle ,not in an oven.


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