WW EASY CROCKPOT MEALS// Top 5 Winter Favorites

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Don’t forget to head to Lauren & Tara’s channels for another 10 easy WW crockpot recipes! Lauren: …

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  1. Jana Dirksen
    Jana Dirksen says:

    I add a packed of diced ham. Not sure if it is WW friendly but it’s very good. The recipe I use also calls for cream of chicken soup and that helps thicken it up.

  2. Philip Wagner
    Philip Wagner says:

    Hi Gina! I love the recipes, thank you for sharing. One tip: if you use the point of a knife to poke a small hole in the top of your broth carton the opposite corner from the pouring part, you will greatly reduce the heavy duty glugging problem. In return for this tip, could you please, if you use a brand name, like "Ro-Tel", explain what the product actually is? That way we in other countries can find our local version. All the Best from UK!

    [Edit: I've just seen Elaine's comment. I guess I'll have to think of another tip, but you seem to have everything else covered 🙂 ]

  3. Ann Wilson
    Ann Wilson says:


  4. Judi McLeod
    Judi McLeod says:

    Gina, I just made the butternut squash soup. It is amazing! My husband tried it and liked it too. Thank you for sharing. It will be perfect to bring to work for lunch.

  5. Judi McLeod
    Judi McLeod says:

    Just finished watching the first recipe (potato soup) — looks delicious! Thank you for sharing. Adding in the mashed potatoes is a neat idea, but you might want to consider using an immersion blender to whip up just a few of the potatoes, leaving some whole. It will add a creamy quality if your broth is too thin. (This is just my approach, and might be useful for others who try to avoid processed/packaged foods that sometimes contain a lot of salt.)

  6. Business Minded Mom
    Business Minded Mom says:

    Just found you and subscribed, these are great recipes. You can actually cook the dround turkey in the crock pot (make my chili that way). Don't be so nervous…you say "um" a lot, but you know what you're doing…so own it!


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