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  1. Chris R.
    Chris R. says:

    Hey Caitlin! Don't ever feel we won't miss you! I'm always updated with what's happening in your happy life because I always check all your socials. I respect you so I patiently wait for your content. Love you always, Merry Christmas! 💕✨️🎄

  2. ogawa yosi
    ogawa yosi says:

    Picking up trash in the stands after the game is a custom that started in South Korea.👍👍👍👍👍✌

    Japanese people just imitate Koreans and pick up trash only in front of the camera.👎🖕👎🖕👎👎👊

  3. SailorVenusYaten
    SailorVenusYaten says:

    We missed you, but I'm never the type to bug others, because vlogging is a job within itself.

    Is Japan chilly yet? Like I'm watching other bloggers and they're all wearing shorts sleeves…isn't it winter over there?

  4. Aika Foz
    Aika Foz says:

    I missed you and your videos for sure but as a fellow mom, those first few weeks with a newborn and the months that follow are a rollercoaster of emotions; especially as a first-time mom. I’m a mom of 3 and valued the time alone we had as a family and adjusting to our new routines. So glad to see you back! Take the time you need to ease into your new routine. 😊

  5. Liam Rodz
    Liam Rodz says:

    That’s a LIEEEE… I missed you! But totally gave you your space as you are a new momma and you know, life happens. So happy that your back! Was scrolling and everything was so meh until I saw you video!! 🤩

  6. slovakgal
    slovakgal says:

    I have to say, I was so worried about putting my baby in nursery, but I had to to keep my job basically, but I did go down to part time hours. In all honesty, nursery has been AMAZING for him. His social skills developed, he has the BEST time, and I genuinely see him progressing so much faster. So even part time, I think you'll find that while it'll be useful for you, it'll also be really useful for him. I guess in your case, it'll also make him bilingual? haha. unless you find an english daycare!

  7. Alejandra Hernandez
    Alejandra Hernandez says:

    I am very happy to have you back, but I also do not mind the wait. I think all of us understand that you have a lot on your plate, and you have been a busy momma bee. We would rather have spaced out videos and know you are enjoying your time, than to have you stressed out trying to put out videos back-to-back. Sending much love! <3

  8. Megan Ouelete
    Megan Ouelete says:

    I personally love the baby store stuff. Currently in this stage of life as well and it’s so nice to see your perspective! ☺️ also I missed your content but just realized you’re very busy! ☺️

  9. June Jenneke
    June Jenneke says:

    Ok, I have absolutely missed you. But we knew you would be taking Baby Atlas to meet his family, so didn't want to bother you. But we need a catch up video from the time you announced your pregnancy till now. Been checking every week to see if you were back. And you are! Yay! We definitely didn't forget you. Welcome back!!!

  10. Kiara Gabriel
    Kiara Gabriel says:

    OMYGOD I LOVE THIS VIDEO SO MUCHHH ITS REMINDING ME OF MY JAPAN MEMORIES AND ALSO I ADORE U SO MUCH HER ATLAST <333 and speaking of Yamada I suggest you also feature BIC camera that store is huge and also so wildt hahaha 😀


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