Why You Should Eat Oysters at Home (And How to Shuck Them!) | What’s Eating Dan


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Guess what Dan’s favorite food is? Hint: It miiiiight just be oysters. Follow along to learn more about the different varieties and how to eat them. Leave your …
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  1. Cliff Elliott
    Cliff Elliott says:

    1) A squeeze of lemon or lime juice, a dash of fresh horseradish and or Tabasco.
    2) Baked or grilled Rockefeller.
    3) Butter poached with lemon juice and chive garnish.
    4) Raw with garlic lemon aioli dip.
    5) Lightly steamed with scallions and shallot.
    6) Breaded and deep fried.
    7) Stir fried with greens.
    8) Oysters on a grill or fire.
    9) Oyster chowder with potatoes, onion, celery and such
    10) Raw naked with a few grains of sea salt.

    There are so many levels to the Oyster. Good luck

  2. Robert Greenhouse
    Robert Greenhouse says:

    The Charleston SC oysters are so different from the appalachicola oysters! While I don't dislike the Charleston oysters, I prefer the cleaner tasting appalachicola oysters without a river mud taste!

  3. Tory Crawford
    Tory Crawford says:

    The best way to eat oysters is you take a little Tabasco you take a little lemon you sprinkle that on your oysters and then take the whole slimy snot tray of oysters and throw them in the trash, they're disgusting, what the hell is wrong with you people, they're basically sea boogers with more bacteria than actual boogers!

  4. Orozconleche
    Orozconleche says:

    As a 10 years old back then my dad would spend his last pesos in my dozen but he would love when I ate them with just a hint of lime and salt… till this day I’ll pay 30 dollars a dozen with just lime and salt


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