Why I buy BEEF SHANK instead of STEAK

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Recipe #Beef #Cooking Why I buy beef shank instead of steak. Beef shank is a cheap and delicious cut. That’s not all. It’s super …

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  1. L Boden
    L Boden says:

    I'm in! You've really got me slobbering this time! I love beef, it is healing and tasty and so many ways to eat it. Now I have 2 more. Thank you! P.S. Glad your wife hasn't flown the coop!

  2. darkpatches
    darkpatches says:

    Lure in the keto crowd with the meat talk, then trigger us with the bread. Love it. I can say that my latest trick is making a big bowl of tuna salad and adding chopped lettuce and pork rinds for texture and crunch. Really scratches the itch for a tuna salad sandwich. When I get around to making this dish, I will be definitely trying it with the lettuce and rinds. Very impressive how everything cooked ended up contributing to the final dish. Love the harmony.

    I'm sure you know this, but freshly sauteed jalepenos are not that spicy at all. I'm currently addicted to them with steak, regardless of the carb count. Haven't even looked it up, 'cause I don't care. Yum.

  3. Jassim666
    Jassim666 says:

    Off topic
    Sahil sir,
    I just want to know if micky sir is associated with salman khan production.
    I say this bcoz i see him in almost all salman khan movies.
    I think i may have to call your dad micky " blockbuster" makhija 👍🏻


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