Why Beets Are Amazing For Exercise & Performance! 💪

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I get lots of questions about my beet root consumption. Does it work? What’s the difference between beet root crystals, powder and …

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  1. KDHD
    KDHD says:

    this is just speculation, but do you think that because of the bacteria that help us convert nitrates living in our mouth, do you think that brushing and swishing with harsh chemicals, might be a contributing factor to heart disease? bc less nitric oxide for arterial health?

  2. Abderrahim Benmoussa
    Abderrahim Benmoussa says:

    Got some powder, will see how it goes. Also got some fennel seeds, chewing some seems to increase NO in the studies. But it seems the bacteria in your mouth seems to act to make the NO. So it would be better to take it without mouthwashing and in a way that allows the bacteria the access it. If you swallow hole quickly, it might not be as effective.

  3. Sophie Klopp Sowa
    Sophie Klopp Sowa says:

    simply love your videos.so many informations, fun to watch and easy to understand. However I have to say that i have not found a tasty beetroot recipe.I simply cannot stand the taste of them… Do you have some ideas how i can prepare them? (sauces, dressings, another ways,…) 🥰

  4. Ray Rushton
    Ray Rushton says:

    Hi Derek. Great informative video, thanks. This is my first time ever writing to someone on YouTube, i hope I do it right. I'm a Brit, in China, Mid 50's, with hypertension and diabetes. I generally get to the gym at least three times a week, just doing Super Sets 5X5. However, Covid has had me locked down since Feb 14th. Question, please, I was told that, being a diabetic, it would be better to eat beets because you get the fiber (juicing = no fiber), and the best way to cook them was to steam – no longer than 15 minutes. How do you feel about this? Cheers. Ray.

  5. tjgrafiks
    tjgrafiks says:

    been using beets for years for workouts and events. track, basketball and cycling 🚴but don’t consume too much too fast or u will be going to the bathroom 🤣🤣🤣

  6. tjgrafiks
    tjgrafiks says:

    nothing beats fresh pressed beets lol especially in combination with watermelon juice…pure energy and power 💪🏽takes about 30 -45 mins to kick in for me

  7. Lloyd Watkin
    Lloyd Watkin says:

    Definitely find that beetroot makes a difference on run days (even speedier effort days). I generally put a teaspoon of powder in my morning porridge and grab a run 2-3 hours later.

  8. Kimberly Sadberry
    Kimberly Sadberry says:

    thank you for this video! I tried drinking beet root juice before my workouts and didn't notice a difference… because I was drinking it about a half hour before😅 I literally saw this and went ooooooh😲I will try it again! and luckily for me caffeine makes me sick if it's much more than a cup of tea so I avoid it so I don't have to worry about the interaction👍

  9. mjs28s
    mjs28s says:

    Hard to tell for me if beets help my workouts because I also eat lots of nitrate greens over the course of a day so I think my nitric oxide levels are constantly elevated compared to if I didn't.

    BUT for the low cost, nutrition boost and other benefits that come from it – just do it!

    Of course, a blend with fresh juice from a couple of beets you juiced yourself + banana + small orange + red delicious apple + couple carrots + tablespoon flax + butt-tons of ice + vitamix….Delicious!

  10. Nitsan Simantov
    Nitsan Simantov says:

    Word of warning. Consume in moderation and drink lots of fluids. A week of slightly high beet intake and I was in hospital (first time ever) with the worst pain I've ever felt in my life – a kidney stone. I ate 1-3 big beets per day, basically just replaced tomato in my salads and I probably wasn't drinking enough.

  11. glissu
    glissu says:

    My stomach hurts when i drink it. Mixing 1 table spoon beet powder in water. Is it because my stomach is week? To little water? Maybe taking less and let my body get used to it?

  12. Andreas Fragmichselbst
    Andreas Fragmichselbst says:

    Use often the Montmorency cherry extract with the 50:1 extract capsel and it works for me really good…. Is there really a different result in Compare with the beetroot christals 🤔thanx and greetings from Andreas


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