Who Can Make The BEST Fried Chicken Sandwich?

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Today, we’re pinning the Mythical Kitcheneers against each other to see who can make the best fried chicken sandwich!

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  1. minusthemouses
    minusthemouses says:

    about time for GMM to cancel this show, honestly it ran its course and isnt really interesting anymore. it was a real show before with things you woudl want to make and now its just a puff show about the characters and not the food.

  2. BuddySuux
    BuddySuux says:

    High anxiety introverted and can't cook. On the other side of the US only been on a plane once.
    BUT! I am perfect to work there I will accept your job offer at this time. Had a lot of suitors and you came out #1! So proud. Let's make beautifully horrible YT babies together!

  3. Sir Tristan
    Sir Tristan says:

    8:47 Josh's "this is a real cooking technique that I believe in" now makes me want to see a Josh version of Myth Munchers – things that JOSH believes in as cooking techniques that make other people go 'what, that isn't real', and then actually test them.

  4. Eliz
    Eliz says:

    I love Mythical Kitchen, it's truly one of the few channels I actually check for new episodes regularly! I'd like to petition for subtitles though, the "auto-generated" ones are terrible and it would really make the content a lot more accessible (selfishly for me, but also for others!)


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