Which YouTube Chef Makes The BEST Ramen?

Which YouTube Chef Makes The BEST Ramen?

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It’s a ramen battle to remember. Today we’re positioning three of YouTube’s best ramen renegades against each other to see …

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  1. @TheScrumTV
    @TheScrumTV says:

    Man… Adam Liaw taught me how to make Ramen. His videos are frankly the best start I've ever had learning a dish. I love all the guys you chose but I think you might want to give Adam a try. His videos are slow but they make so much sense once you understand the method. Love your content man. Keep it up!

  2. @onepunchtocelebrate670
    @onepunchtocelebrate670 says:

    your views kinda followed your analysis on it. i will say, i respect gordons "ramen" because it looks like it's vegan friendly. ironic how he used to diss on vegans before, now he has several videos specifically for them.

    my favorite, was definitely mike's. it would be a toss us cuz i'm not a fan of bok choy either, but i'm really not a fan of corn in ramen. that's just so strange to me. dubs imo go to mike.

  3. @Galileaboy
    @Galileaboy says:

    I’ve made dishes from both Joshua and Mike, I find Joshua makes you feel like a chef at home (good restaurant food) while Mike’s dishes feel like quality, wholesome home cookin’. I enjoy making recipes from both.

  4. @TheHaubs11tx
    @TheHaubs11tx says:

    Oh my goodness, he said a thing wrong so that he can get interaction. Let them all talk about it and argue amongst themselves don’t comment unless you have a comment make him earn them and make everybody else earn your comment. Because even the bad things you say fuel the algorithm. but what do I know it’s probably nothing

  5. @tony_25or6to4
    @tony_25or6to4 says:

    Roast bones in the oven before using in the broth. I would have removed the skin and fried separately to render more fat and crisp up the skin. Then chopped up the skin as a garnish.

  6. @ImRmed2
    @ImRmed2 says:

    In the first segment, you showed us using in the pan some hong kong phooy juice. What if we don’t have that here in the land ’O corn and soybeans? What would work as a “replacement” for that ingredient?

    Asking for a friend. 🥸

  7. @Alwaysjoel
    @Alwaysjoel says:

    I have all the ingredients for Joshua's dish…. including the doubanjiang. …. except for the corn. That's the ingredient that's stopping me. I never have corn on hand. I think doubanjiang is a pretty common ingredient to have on hand if you delve at all into Szechuan style cooking? It's definitely a pantry staple for me since there's so many flavorful dishes you can make with it, starting with one of my top dishes, Mabo Tofu.


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