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OLD SCHOOL RED BEANS,SAUSAGE AND RICE(INSTANT POT VERSION) This is a very simple and easy way to make …

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  1. Angela Truly
    Angela Truly says:


    Chef, I want to make this for my husband. Thank you so much for showing the bag of beans. I live in the US in a heavy Latin area. In grocery stores near me, the US section is 2 ft wide maybe 3 shelves, but the international is an entire aisle lol. Using your picture I crossed off Bola, carga, and Dominican red beans due to color and shape. I was torn between Mexican or Central American red beans (I did buy these). I will have to step out of my area to look as hubby wants them as you have shown. Thanks again.

  2. Ann Shoemaker
    Ann Shoemaker says:

    My husband cooked this today after watching you cook it last night. OMG it was delicious. I just couldn't imagine they could be that good after cooking for only an hour. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Ayala-j
    Ayala-j says:

    Yes Chef those links are good and hot. Chef I am so glad you said you never soak beans as my momma and Daddu never did it. I thought I was doing something wrong.

  4. Robin
    Robin says:

    Yummm, I love red beans and rice. I always did them on top of the stove. You make it look so easy in the instant pot. I have got to try it your way. Thanks for sharing. Love your Videos. 💜😇

  5. Reginald Brown
    Reginald Brown says:

    I’ve had my Instant Pot for about a year and it has changed my life. I cook beans, black eyed peas, greens, pot roast and more in a fraction of the time versus traditional cooking. I’m from Louisiana and I grew up on southern food. I just do it a little healthier these days

    UNIVERSALLOVE 878 says:

    Hey Chef, Happy Sunday, the beans came out great. I love to add smoked turkey necks to mine, and andouille spicy sausage, with some fried chicken, cornbread, and potato salad. My mom used to add pickle pig tips when I was younger for flavor. Ham bone adds flavor too.

  7. Latanya Anthony
    Latanya Anthony says:

    😂😂, thanks for reassuring me that that the instant pot will not explode 😳😂😂!! I will take that leap of faith a start using it! I love dry beans but, the last pot of red beans scorched due to my constant multitasking!! Thanks for the inspiration and all of your Amazing Videos 🥰👍🏽.

  8. ParisCouture
    ParisCouture says:

    Awwww. I just LOVE that you mentioned Mae Mae's Happy Table. She's my favorite cook on all of YouTube! And you tickled my funny bone so lovingly when you mimicked her pronunciation of Tony Chachere's 😂. It's so adorable to me whenever she says it. (Yes, I grew up deeply Southern and just plain ole "country" — just like y'all. 💖 And I've been all over the world tasting various cuisines, yet I still return to my absolute favorite traditional foods prepared here in the American south.) In my humble opinion — traditional soul food is the best tasting food on the planet. It's sooo comforting. Sticks to the ribs. Makes you feel loved! Miracles and Blessings for you and for "Mama Mae Mae" both, Chef. ✨🍁💘🙏🏽

  9. Brith weaver
    Brith weaver says:

    I'm definitely gonna fix this but got some Angus ribs and dried beans from the food bank and gonna buy a bottle of barbecue sauce to put this dish in the crockpot.me and my boyfriend use alot of creole seasoning in our dishes.I think creole seasoning is his favorite season in the spice cabinet.yum.its healthy and will give us energy to keep working hard and keep our minds focused.good brain food mr.old school!

  10. Gladys Simmons
    Gladys Simmons says:

    Chef Jeffrey, I love red beans, sausage and rice. Guess what, my grandson brought me an Instant Pot and know, I can cook my foods in it. Thank you for showing us this delicious 😋 recipe. Stay safe.

  11. Valory R.Ransom
    Valory R.Ransom says:

    Hello chef. 👋 wow those red beans and sausage look so tasty, something my mom used to make and I don't have an instapot but I will get everything to make it , with all of the rain and cold weather it will be perfect.

  12. Miranda Wheaton
    Miranda Wheaton says:

    Great video, last week I placed a large hamhock,pinto beans, onion, bell pepper, pinto bean seasoning and chicken bouillon in instant pot added water and in 45 minutes all was done, tasted wonderful, will be trying your recipe soon.

  13. Carol Ragland Jones
    Carol Ragland Jones says:

    Good morning all
    Sunday blessings to you Chef Jeffrey
    That is one dish I haven't tried. You red beans and rice looks delicious. I do have an instant pot that I have used twice. I am going to aim to use it more and will try this recipe in my instant pot.
    Thank you as always


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