What’s for dinner? Gluten free chicken and dumplings, homemade fish cakes and more!

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Come and cook with me! Easy homemade gluten free dinner recipes. this week I made salmon fishcakes, chicken and dumplings, …

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  1. Jona P
    Jona P says:

    You did great here, Claire! No waffling that I could hear, only your very clever wit. (You didn't remark on my dear Muppet comment last time, no worries, I just want to make sure you know I was not insulting you, only echoing what you had called yourself!). I cannot imagine cooking as much, and as varied a week's worth of food with all you have to do—what a great mum/partner you are!

  2. allyroo H
    allyroo H says:

    Okay, I have to know, did you leave the eyes on when you fed the puff veggie thing to Ed? I totally would have ! I need to try dumplings. They look so good! Those brioche buns are so expensive here, they are a treat for us. Everything looks yummy!

  3. TheKdkrs
    TheKdkrs says:

    Its much better having Fraya stirring the stuff instead of adding ingredients 😂. I had coldslaw in America once. It had ample mint sauce in and it was gorgeous 😍

  4. Michael Kane
    Michael Kane says:

    Claire! Very well done, as a "Old Fart" I find it very refreshing to see a Mum cooking homemade meals for her family. You should be very proud of what you achieve, and also how you let your Toddler get involved when Mummy cooks. You are proof positive that even the busiest Mum can cook for their families. Great stuff!

  5. Traceys Allotment
    Traceys Allotment says:

    Dumplings are a must with casseroles or stews. That slaw mix looks amazing !!! Will deffo be trying thus as I make my own too.
    Love how your teaching cooking to toddler, it's so important. Some children – teens wouldn't know where to start.
    Love carrot and coriander soup 🍲 amazing meals 😋


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