What’s for Dinner?| Family Meal Ideas| November 12-18, 2018

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Loaded broccoli & cheese potato soup- https://pin.it/owp4ferujc3vhh Chicken ranch tacos- https://pin.it/ief2mdhbklv6g2 Beef & broccoli- …

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  1. Elizabeth Shaw
    Elizabeth Shaw says:

    When hidden valley ranch packets were first introduced and they only came in packets it was mixed with mayonnaise and buttermilk. And it tasted 1,000% better back then than it does now.

  2. donna hopper
    donna hopper says:

    I love your channel! I watch right before I decide what to cook. I made the cracked out chicken with the tater tots. It was the BOMB! I'm going to try the pork chops with the ranch gravy next. I love that you make some things without tomatoes. I hate tomatoes as much as you hate onions! Those are two ingredients that people put in everything!

  3. brittany dummett
    brittany dummett says:

    Yummy I love American dinners you guys make the best stuff yumm please keep doing these I’m sure everyone agrees lol that chicken taco looked yummy and the beef and broccoli looked friggen scrumptious!!!!!!!!!

  4. LargeFamilyLove
    LargeFamilyLove says:

    everything looks great! I need that hamburger press because I can never get mine to stick together without them falling apart. I suck at making burgers 🤣 I’ve never made the ranch tacos but I always see them and think I should.


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