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We had a blast in the kitchen this week and we LOVED all three dishes. We can’t wait to make them again! I hope you enjoy this week’s dinner recipes – most of …
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  1. Pamela Barber
    Pamela Barber says:

    I made the turkey/zucchini skillet tonight and it was sooooo good! Husband approved 100% and he’s not a veggie loving guy 😋 I automatically sent the recipe to my sister for her to try! Love your recipes! And…you don’t have an accent..I’m from East TN and I don’t have one either 😜

  2. Kasiagirl
    Kasiagirl says:

    Mandy, I don’t know if you have Brookshires grocery stores where you live but they have their own brand of yeast rolls like the ones you are making. They are not only cheaper but they are the best! They also have awesome garlic rolls.

  3. Lorri Maynard
    Lorri Maynard says:

    Confession. I have had an Instant Pot for 2 yrs and afraid to use it. Also I have an air fryer I have not tried. You have made it look so easy to use both and I plan on making these dishes this weekend!! Thank you


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