WHAT'S FOR DINNER? | 7 Real-Life Family Meal Ideas

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Hey friends, happy Sunday! Welcome back, today I have another week of dinner ideas to share with y’all. Let me know if you plan …

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  1. Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller says:

    I know you're not asking buuut I just figure I'd share a tip I LOVE. I airfry my hard boiled eggs. "Bake" at 275 for 16 minutes for under 4 eggs. For 5 or more about 17 minutes. 14 minutes is a soft boiled egg. Literally just plop and set the air fryer and they're so perfect always.
    Maybe adjust as needed but I love it even more than my egg cooker!

  2. Venus Gal
    Venus Gal says:

    I always brown frozen meatballs. Ideally I prefer homemade ones but the frozen ones are so convenient, I do use them. My pet peeve is they do not seem browned so I brown mine too.

  3. cynthia stauffer
    cynthia stauffer says:

    Taylor I sure wish I liked fish because those salmon patties looked awesome 👌 I joined costco this year instead of sam's and I am kicking myself regularly for it. I get paid next week so I am rejoining sam's. I want to try the meatballs for sure 😋 ❤️

  4. Angela Campana
    Angela Campana says:

    Hi Taylor👋👋👋 That hot honey pizza sounds amazing, I like hot honey on a lot of things but I’ve never had it on pizza, I gotta try it for sure. Everything you made looks so delicious, TYFS, I appreciate you and all you share with us. I hope you have a blessed week ahead my friend♥️💫✨👼🏻✨💫♥️

  5. Ãü Barb
    Ãü Barb says:

    I think that steak was a special find at Aldi, but if they have it again I'll definitely have to get some. Those burrito bowls looked so good! 😚🤌🏻


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