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It is FALL, and that means lots of warm comfort foods! Today I’m sharing a week of dinners. Five simple, fall recipes, for your family. Butternut squash beef stew: …
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  1. Embrace The Season
    Embrace The Season says:

    I'm watching this while hungry…not a good combo 😂. I'm gonna try the my kids are not big on any soups. Well my 9 yes old is sort of coming around to it but my 2 year is getting picky now. Any advice? I'd love to try the butternut soup and rolls 😍.

  2. Michelle3
    Michelle3 says:

    Girl! I'm Mexican American and the bagged beans need to be "cleaned" (basically looked through to pick out any rocks and gross beans, then rinsed off in a strainer). I don't want you guys ever taking a bite of a rock!
    Thanks for the meal inspirations! I am in a cooking rut but need to get back into it for my kiddos and husband

  3. cassia reece
    cassia reece says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these delicious looking recipes! I was on the hunt for some new ones to add to my rotation will definitely be saving this to take notes on for later


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