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  1. Lekir
    Lekir says:

    The basis of any Asian food. It's basically a mix and match of anything that fits into the categories. The categories are in the order you put them into the wok.

    1. The "tumisan"(i don't know what to call it so I'm using the Malay term): onions, garlic, chillis, any spices with any oil.
    2. Meat or tofu
    3. Carbs (rice, noodles)
    4. Sauce (again, anything you like).

    Put them in that order, just mix them up until its cooked. Another tip is to put in earliest the ingredients that you want to get the most flavour out of.

  2. Poe Lemic
    Poe Lemic says:

    Can I make a suggestion? Please put a picture of the dishes (always) at the first with the names on them (also maybe show the time to jump to) — in the first few seconds of the video after your intro. Otherwise, love your videos — your help with making me feel more confident about my cooking, thus it's now becoming my passion.

  3. Im Pongpakatien
    Im Pongpakatien says:

    I'm Thai and I love those lemongrass in my herbal fried rice too. I know its a bit too weird for people who prefers conventional fried rice, but once u try it, u can't deny that it's so refreshing.

  4. gardini100
    gardini100 says:

    if you make food you dont normaly make you better of with takeaway since if you dont have the basics it cost you more to get them than get a meal from a takeaway place , but it depends on how much you like the food and how often you crave it

  5. Mary Payne
    Mary Payne says:

    Just found your channel and I’m loving it!
    I know this is an older video but I have an idea…
    Have you noticed, as I have, how much money people spend on things they drink. I have a little hobby of watching carts in grocery stores. What amazes me is people who seem to be trying to eat on the cheap but spending a huge amount of their “budget” on fluids. Empty calorie fluids. Negative input, imho. How about doing a video on that? The good food you can eat by elementing the fluids. Soda, flavored waters, fruit juices, etc.
    How many people are obsessed with losing weight these days? Starting with what we drink may be a good beginning. It’s just a thought.
    In any event thank you so much for the videos, recipes and thought provocation!

  6. Ivar Losna
    Ivar Losna says:

    Pat graprao can be made even better by upping the quality of the meat. Sliced up crispy pork belly, pork neck chops or chicken thigh fillet. Maybe I've just gotten tired of the minced pork version, but I like to vary which type of meat I use with this dish. Another tip would be to add some long green beans.

  7. A G
    A G says:

    One word of caution, reusing any heated cooking oil might cause long term health problems such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, and even certain cancers. I personally never reuse my cooking oils for this reason.

  8. Dustin Ross
    Dustin Ross says:

    Dude you went through something and came back worse than ever. I would get help if I were you… Get your brain checked buddy where are you getting ripped off on thai food? I order an appetizer for $4 and I take home more than I can eat in a week after completing my meal in the restaurant… Sorry NY has horribly high tax rates, get in a better city for your type of work.


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