What we eat on Keto | Major life change coming | Parmesan Herb Chicken sausage

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  1. Susan Rodriguez
    Susan Rodriguez says:

    I totally understand you Rachel. My son is 20. My dad never got to have a relationship with his grandson because of Alzheimer’s. It’s a true blessing to be grandparents. I would say it’s a bigger love because it’s an extension of our kids. I pray for that moment.

  2. Stacey Atac
    Stacey Atac says:

    Congrats on the arrival of your healthy, beautiful granddaughter! The look of joyful love on Rachel's face as she was holding the baby was glorious 💜The Maple Waffle keto chow sounds yummy – you are so thoughtful to do a giveaway for us.

  3. Cindy O.
    Cindy O. says:

    I was so excited to meet y'all at the park today! I forgot to congratulate you on the new grandbaby! They are the best. I know y'all will enjoy being grandparents so much. Have a great week! Cindy

  4. Kathy Snider
    Kathy Snider says:

    Congrats!!! I love the fact that Rachel is going to write down her thoughts for a year in a journal for the baby. What a beautiful idea. Ice cream for breakfast –YES!!! Thank you for making these videos. You are my primary "community". I am motivated.

  5. Ruth Bradley
    Ruth Bradley says:

    Welcome to The Grandparent club🙂 Being promoted to Grandparent staus is the best feeling in the world🙂 I had the utmost privilege of watching two of my daughters give birth to my two granddaughters and got to cut their cords! Seeing them in pain was the worst feeling, but helping with their breathing and talking through their contractions then watching their babies born was just such an honour and a privilege🙂 When people asked me what it was like being a Grandmother, my reply was always, "I love my husband with all my heart. Each time I gave birth I loved my husband more but loved my babies on a totally different level, not more or less than my husband because it really is a different kind of love, so when you become a Grandparent, again itd a love on a totally different scale! You love your whole family with the same, ever growing amount of love but as I said, on different levels and it is beautiful. I remember being terrified wnen I was pregnant with my second child as I didn't think it possible to love another child as much as my first. Then i saw him and my heart expanded. ALL my worries evaporated and I immediately loved him the same amount! I didnt worry about the next three as I knew my heart would grow wth each and it did! This also happened with my 3 grandchildren. My heart just grew with each one🙂 I am so gtateful to my husband for helping to create and raise five incredible kids into amazing adults who in turn blessed us with 3 gorgeous grandchildren! It always makes me happy welcoming new Grandparents to the best club ever! Well done to new Daddy for being a wonderfully supportive husband and especially a HUGE well done to Mammy for her hard work giving birth! it IS hard work! It's not called 'labout' for nothing! Sending love, hugs kisses and blessings to you all from The County of Tyne and Wear, Far North East of England, UK XoxoxoxoxoX

  6. debbie casanova
    debbie casanova says:

    OMG – Congratulations on becoming Grandparents!! What a special day ❤❤ Glad you celebrated with the new Keto Chow flavor, granola and Whipped cream. You are both just glowing 🤩. That is a Great breakfast. Thanks for sharing your Maple Waffle surplus. Your chicken sausage looks amazing.

  7. Ann Spires
    Ann Spires says:

    "Shifted her life at just the right moment"…We buried my Dad at the age of 60 from complications from T2D (his Mom died @ 55 yrs). I just turned 60 this year and started Keto Dec 17, '21. I now have the energy to keep up with my 7 grandkids. Prior to that moment I was looking into final steps for my life so that I wouldn't be a burden to my children as they were raising young children. This topic resonates so much. Thank you.


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