WHAT JAPANESE MOM COOKS FOR ME | Traditional & Vegan Japanese food recipe

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My Japanese mom came over to cook some dinner for me. Her cooking is very healthy and traditional. She uses lots of vegetables …

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  1. manuela maie
    manuela maie says:

    Hi, in Germany Chrysantheme is not avaiable . But looking deeper into your mothers recepie, dandelion would might be a good substitude. it's bitter and chewy an should match well to her tofu-sesame-paste and the Khaki, which is pretty easy avaiable in Germany.

  2. Joanna Mia Davis
    Joanna Mia Davis says:

    Please! More of your mom! If she had a Youtube channel I would so subscribe! She cooks authentically motherly Japanese, and that's what I always wanted to see. Also to be honest I would love to see more meat and fish dishes. Both are good, especially for men. Soy should be enjoyed sparingly by males. Thank you again for sharing your mom with us. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Oh landa
    Oh landa says:

    Or course more!!! This is so beautiful seeing your mom share so much of her earned experience! I also love how much we can achieve through simple ingredients and processes but paying close attention to their unique characteristics!! Another amazing video <3 <3

  4. pennywisezzz
    pennywisezzz says:

    I love these videos with you and your mother together! I'd love to hear about the food she grew up eating and memories from her childhood. I wonder what her opinions are on the westernization of the Japanese diet she's witnessed over her lifetime so far.

  5. Tamara
    Tamara says:

    We cannot get sungiku, but if needed I use either watercress/cresson or sometimes when it is in a salad I use rucola. Kaki are available here since a couple of years. It is one of our favourite fruits. Never had it in salad though. I always give up grinding so many sesame seeds so I do use neri goma/tahini and just add a little less sesame that I freshly grind 🙂 If you want to make the shiraae ahead, I make the tofy sauce and the vegetables but store them seperately, that way it is only tossing it together. Daikon are sold with the leaves cut off but if you safe the top part of the daikon you can regrow them 🙂 Would love to try out that daikon leaves and crispy abura age recipe.

    Never heard about the shoyu arai but I'm going to try it. Thank you gor the tip Miwa-san's mom. It's fun to see her cooking. The easy dishes and tips she gives. And though her cooking style is different from what you usual make on your channel it's fun to see.

    I grew up with fruit trees in my back garden, plums, grapes, and different berries. My grandfather even now has a few when his garden is only a few square meters. I have got a blueberry bush. and herbs, still want a plum tree again.

  6. Coco
    Coco says:

    Interesting! Here in the USA shungiku is called crown daisy and where I live in California relatively easy to find. The flavor is so fresh and unique. And yes, the fruit is definitely a persimmon to me and super common here haha. However there are many varieties worldwide and some look different in other countries.

    Thank you for sharing these recipes! Fall is such a good time for cooking with vegetables.

  7. Wah Tun Luscombe
    Wah Tun Luscombe says:

    I live in Victoria Australia, Garland chrysanthemums grows well during winter time. We Chinese love to eat it with our steam boat. Just dip in the veggies into the hot stock and take out . Is tasty and delicious


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