WHAT I EAT IN A WEEK | Quick & Easy Crockpot Meals! Healthy & Simple Dinner Recipes

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what i eat in a week for dinner crockpot style! these easy healthy & super nourishing slow cooker recipes are delicious for dinner!

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  1. Christina Johnson
    Christina Johnson says:

    Captivant, je regarde vos vidéos là-bas sont vraiment étourdissantes et intéressantes, pourquoi n'ajouteriez-vous pas vos vidéos à KHAL COOKING PLATFORM ….. A bientôt.😍😍😍😍…………….

    Captivating, We watch your videos there are really dazing and interesting, Why don't you add your videos to KHAL COOKING PLATFORM….. See you there.😍😍😍😍………….

  2. wldflwr78
    wldflwr78 says:

    Ok, I'm cooking some of these! I printed a meal plan page, got groceries, and made the amazing Chicken Noodle soup tonight. I am not a crockpot girl, but I did make the soup in my new non toxic soup pot.
    I'm interested in Shepards Pie too. I've got to know if I am a soup or stew girl now. Hehe. Can it be made in a pot rather than crockpot?

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Bo LOVING all these meals is so wholesome 🥹 you have so much love and support in your life! I cant wait to try your chicken noodle soup 🙌🏻 Tysm for sharing all these!! Love you Cam 💕💕

  4. Niamh Twist
    Niamh Twist says:

    Cambria I want to do a nutrition course but have no idea where to start. Please can you recommend or suggest a starting point for me to look. I suffered really bad hyperemisis during each of my 2 pregnancy and my gut health has been really affected. I want to do the course before I start to wean my 2nd son who is currently 9 weeks old. I am also breastfeeding him so want to learn as much about nutrition as possible.

  5. iheartpinkmochi
    iheartpinkmochi says:

    Thank you for this video! I haven’t been using my crockpot since I got the IP because meat seemed to come out mushier than in the IP. Your recipes look so delicious that I’m going to have to give the crockpot another shot. Also love the butternut squash hack. Game changer! 💗

  6. Aya Adams
    Aya Adams says:

    They all look delicious! Gonna try and recreate at least one or 2 of them. Thank you for doing a cambria's kitchen crockpot meals and recipes episode. Love the fall butternut squash tip! I love butternut squash soup so definitely going to try using that and the ghee with herbs oh my goodness ! I bet your kitchen smells amazing and your neighbors are all soo jealous if you open your windows unless you share of course 😊 happy fall🍂🍁!!

  7. Kayla White
    Kayla White says:

    All of these recipes look delicious and cozy 🥰 Sent my husband for the ingredients and making them all this week. Thanks for the ideas! Helped this mama meal prep for the coming week lol.

  8. leanne
    leanne says:

    These came at the perfect time!! We're getting the effects of the tropical storm and our temperatures when from high 70s/low 80s to 50s over night 😐


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