What I Eat in a Day – Starch Solution Staple Meals. Easy Weight Loss Meals for Starch Solution.

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  1. Plant Based Dads
    Plant Based Dads says:

    Hi everyone. Thanks so much for watching my latest What I Eat in a Day video. It's my last day of summer action. I have to report to training on Thursday and then work on Monday. The kids start school Aug 9th. I am very excited for the new school year. Teachers, leave your thoughts below. Leave a comment as you know I love reading the. – Joey

  2. Barbara Liston
    Barbara Liston says:

    great pancakes, vinegarette and dinner buddha bowl, very similar to how we cook now for 5 whole years. the flax mix for oil is a must-try vs cashews or olive oil. thanks for another awesome vlogg.❤

  3. metamud
    metamud says:

    I cannot help but notice that you seem to somewhat regularly consume food that is burnt quite bad. In this video it's the sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts. If it's that black (as shown in the video) it's burnt. Considering your health, I would really cut all that burnt stuff away as it's quite carcinogenic and not something you're supposed to eat. It's not cooked food, it's burnt food. Discard it.
    Ramblings aside, great sharing what options plantbased eaters have and nice salad dressing!

  4. kiwifeijoa
    kiwifeijoa says:

    Hi Joey, your meals look delicious. You might like to try my 1 ingredient buckwheat pancakes. Soak 1 cup half a of untoasted buckwheat groats for several hours, I use a sprouting jar, makes it easy to pour off liquid and rinse. Pour out the soaking liquid and rinse a couple of times until the water is more or less clear, a little residue won't be a problem, then add enough fresh water to blend into a pancake batter. You can blend in the soaking jar with a stick blender. Pour batter onto nonstick frypan, these pancakes stick together very well, and the soaking takes away any bitter flavour from the buckwheat. These make nice wraps too. Try them plain at first, surprisingly tasty for 1 ingredient. Add baking powder and sweetener, salt etc. if you want fluffy sweet breakfast pancakes, also if you press the flat pancakes in a panini press they turn into crackers. My recipe, so feel free to try them. Thanks for your great tips.

  5. María Álvarez&Viera
    María Álvarez&Viera says:

    I love your recipes! In the Mediterranean we have several types of wine vinegar: red wine, white wine, sherry… also cider… Bianca Modena it's a kind of white vinegar, made with white wine. Bianca= White.
    Greetings from Spain!!!

  6. Karen
    Karen says:

    Great to see you feeling well enough to make another video. You look awesome! I honestly never thought you needed to lose weight in any of your videos I’ve watched over the years. You always look fit and handsome to me.

    Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me you look leaner. Your neck and face seem slimmer and your arms look more defined. Good on ya!!

    I hope you are fully recovered from your surgery and that you are feeling super energised and full of life.

    Thank you for your content and for all the work you put into your channel.

    Lots of love xx

  7. Phillip Pinter
    Phillip Pinter says:

    The bowl at the end looked really good. I made similar bowls to that every days usually with avocado(s) as well. The only thing I'd do differently is use a whole intact grain as opposed to pasta (couscous)

  8. leslie ewing
    leslie ewing says:

    My hubby and I love blueberry pancakes. I am experimenting with a sauce for topping them, made from blueberries and maple syrup. It's a thin sauce so you gave me an idea here, about adding a flax egg to it to give it a bit more body. My hubby loves bananas, so next time, we will also add some sliced bananas on top. This was a good video! Thanks, Joey

  9. bunnyhaston
    bunnyhaston says:

    Good ideas. I miss dressings & look forward to trying the vinaigrette. Have been lazy; adding a mix of Lesley Elizabeth salt-free “Oh! so Garlic!”, “Everything Bagel” & 365 Salsa to everything … potatoes, rice, salad. I love it, but should expand my repertoire.
    Have a wonderful year at your new school !

  10. Cindy Strother
    Cindy Strother says:

    love that you EAT YOUR FOOD love that you show how to do the Dr McDougall and MARY MCDOUGAL starch solution program SO MANY start that Way you start to watch then they change to other weight loss programs then you got to find another starch solution program THANK you so much for sharing your awesome recipes for US BEGINNERS on Dr McDougall and MARY MCDOUGAL program THANK YOU

  11. Katie Vdbshsh
    Katie Vdbshsh says:

    Hello Joey – good to see you today. I love, love, love all your videos. You are such a good teacher. I never have trouble following your instructions & all recipes turn out great. Have a great 1st day at school& thru out your semester. Enjoy those kids. God bless you from grandma Katie in Oregon

  12. SuzyQ
    SuzyQ says:

    Watching you is like swapping recipes and homemaking tips with a neighbor. When I made pancakes once, I was out of flax. So, I made them without it. It does just fine without the flax. I got light, fluffy pancakes with only whole wheat flour, baking powder, and oat milk. Then another time, I was out of oat milk. I got light and fluffy with only whole wheat flour, baking powder, and water. Yup. they were a little light in color, but they tasted great. Have a great school year, my friend. YOu're right! I never get tired of my plant-based food. So good.
    So Good! So many choices!

  13. Ashlea Mendelson
    Ashlea Mendelson says:

    Hi Joey, just got back home from the pool 🏊‍♂️ and I’m starving!!! Just got done with the spring rolls btw that peanut dressing is SO GOOD lol that stuff would be good on just about anything in my opinion. I love your recipes and videos. Those buckwheat pancakes looked delicious 🤤

  14. Dianne_M_ K
    Dianne_M_ K says:

    Hi Joey silent viewer here but I surely enjoy your videos,and I’m so glad to hear you made it through your surgery. I was actually wondering where you had been. I live in Az also when not in second place of home. 🙂

  15. J Moore
    J Moore says:

    You can mash up your banana and incorporate it into your wet ingredients. Maybe save half for slices on top since you like them that way! I always have a six pack of single (1/2 cup) servings of organic unsweetened applesauce in my panty. When I want to bake, then I use one serving as my fat substitute.
    Thank you for balsamic dressing recipe! The flax water is brilliant!
    🏫 Ah, the first day of school! Enjoy!

  16. monique m
    monique m says:

    Joey I love how you have such a passion to help everyone eat healthier. Your students are so lucky to have you . I love helping my 8th grader doing home school😊❤️

  17. Ricki Riegert
    Ricki Riegert says:

    I really enjoy this type of video. Actually I enjoy all the PBD’s videos. Have a great school semester. I am glad your surgery was so successful and your recovery so fast. 🥰

  18. Rachel Jackson
    Rachel Jackson says:

    So glad you are doing something out of that cook book since I recently bought it! All I have done so far from it is the trinity oats. I don’t keep buckwheat flour around… I wonder if I could use whole wheat flour??

  19. The Scrapbook Guru
    The Scrapbook Guru says:

    Good morning Joey & Tim☀️ I spied with my little eye, my card on your shelf! 🥰✂️ Great video and recipe share today. I know you mentioned your a math teacher… you should consider being a home economics teacher. You’d be awesome teaching young minds healthy the plant based lifestyle! 🍌🫐🥞


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