What I Eat in a Day on High Fat Carnivore | Keeping it 80/20 | Meals and Macros!

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What I Eat in a Day on High Fat Carnivore | Keeping it 80/20 | Meals and Macros! Thankyou to to LMNT for sponsoring this video!

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  1. Bethany Hebeler
    Bethany Hebeler says:

    I just ordered LMNT and will share it with my husband. He takes a statin and statins deplete sodium!!! I also would enjoy your fat fast day videos. Thanks for sharing. My age, 73y does require more fat in diet. My sleep is great in eating more fat! That's a win.

  2. Sally
    Sally says:

    I'm definitely interested in you showing your fat fasting days I did a pure fat fast myself and I liked it except for I kind of was running out of ideas and it must not be a real common thing because even Pinterest didn't give me many options.

  3. Critter 400
    Critter 400 says:

    Yes we have Old Dutch brand products here in Iowa & also seen in Wisconsin. Haven't seen pork rinds though. Will watch for them!
    And yes! Would love seeing you do a fat fast day.
    As for the chocolate LMNT, just be careful of the oxalates in cocoa. Don't overdo! Oxalates can build up slowly with no symptoms… and then all of a sudden you may have problems. It seems that they affect some people and not others but I'm one who is currently dumping oxalates…and it's NOT fun.

  4. Ap Ac
    Ap Ac says:

    Yes. I would enjoy seeing your fat fasting. I did one today and my tummy has been a gurgle monster pretty much all day. I definitely didn't get anywhere near my normal caloric intake in, but I'm also not feeling hungry. I'd be curious to know if fat fasting bothers your stomach or not and keep up the great work!

    Btw, I made the thin mint butter bites, but have only tried from some extra that I didn't put pork rinds in for crunch. I plan on trying one of them tomorrow. The flavor is ok, but not intense enough to taste like a real thin mint. I also added a two 100% raw cacao morsels into each bite while they were hot and swirled it through to give the more intense chocolate flavor. I didn't want to bother with dipping or layering. On the plus side, I feel the sweetness of the butter combined with the stevia in the LMNT provide just enough sweetness to bring the chocolate morsels to a dark chocolate level. I'm hope the crunch is going to make a difference because if not I'll have to find something else to do with the mint version. I look forward to seeing what all you do with it. 🦋

  5. Wendy Humphreys Tebbutt
    Wendy Humphreys Tebbutt says:

    Ania, I can't get into your "below" – has youtube done something strange? I know rhe comments button is in a different place, but there's nowhere to click to get at your links. I use an ipad. Don't know if that's the proble. It hasn't been a problem in the past. Yours in Gratitude


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