What I Eat In A Day on A Low Carb / Keto Diet

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  1. Zanna Taylor
    Zanna Taylor says:

    Just fell on your channel and was compelled to sub! What's the name of your other youtube channel? The link won't take me to it. Would love to learn more about your ebay biz.
    Greetings from Texas!

  2. Roxie06
    Roxie06 says:

    Hi, I found you channel recently and subscribed. I started a low carb Keto diet about 1.5yrs ago b/c my lab showed my fasting glucose at 102 and hubby at 101 and this was enough to scare us into a change of lifestyle. I did a lot of research and began to follow a low carb/fasting method similar to yours. My bulk of groceries are from ALDI I eat veggies and protein and keep my carb to 20-30grams as my daily totals and stop eating after 6pm. Although I bake a lot of bread substitutes I also buy “Extra Ordinary Bites” in Walmart fridge section and make delicious French toast so that also helps stay focus. I eat lots of eggs, cheese, etc. I make desserts from almond flour which help maintained my sugars low and lost 23lbs over all. I like your channel and appreciate your content…keep up the great work and you will notice that this new lifestyle becomes easier by the days and the benefits are overwhelming!


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