WHAT I EAT IN A DAY KETO | Simple + Realistic (no tracking!)

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Join me for a DAY IN THE LIFE eating keto, simple easy recipes the whole family will love! This is VLOG #2 in a new series …

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  1. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    Esther and Abraham Hicks? They’ve been around forever. Been to 2 Esther Hicks events in person. Thought you knew about manifestation with all the money you make from Prüvit. Interesting.

  2. Alison L
    Alison L says:

    Where did you find the info on the Freestyle Libre taking the reading every 5 minutes? I can’t seem to find that info anywhere. I’ve looked all over. Thank you!

  3. Shakira Raman
    Shakira Raman says:

    Is there much of difference between the grass-fed butter and ghee when put in the fat latte? I can't tolerate dairy but ghee seems to be okay with me as I usually do a teaspoon, this morning I tried doing a tablespoon but I can't handle the taste.

  4. Jenny DeMars
    Jenny DeMars says:

    I love your video’s here on YouTube, I’ve been binging on your playlists, especially what to eat to lose weight.
    My goal for the summer is to lose 20lbs, I’m hoping to get it off by my birthday in August! Also, today is day #2 alcohol free.. I know it’s only day #2, but ya gotta start somewhere, right? I drink everyday..
    Thank you for the inspiration, motivation and education!

  5. Angeline Vanaman
    Angeline Vanaman says:

    I am more meat based keto & I do have carbs every so often because I need this to be a realistic life style. I’m down 25 lbs in the last 6 mo. Still have 15 to go & it’s not a race it’s a life style👍🏻

  6. Katelyn Perkins
    Katelyn Perkins says:

    I love how honest and real you are, you motivate me to push thru, it’s very difficult having kids and not eating the same things I love that you share the real version of yourself
    And show us both your amazing tips and meals and also your struggles, I am currently in ketosis and it’s so hard I can’t believe I was able to achieve it quickly this time. My best friend is getting married August 27th & I am a trying to look and feel my very best! I hope you continue to share your journey with us. 🥰

  7. Nancy Dee
    Nancy Dee says:

    Thats dinner looks yummy, youre blessed to have that yard, pool and sunshine. I would call the company that installed it and ask for some ideas for your island. Sad abt that ring.

  8. Nancy Dee
    Nancy Dee says:

    Yeah girl I had that same freaking temptation on Mother’s Day I went out to the cheesecake factory and the gentleman which was our waiter assumed that I like to drink and was like it’s Mother’s Day can I get you a Moscow mule or whatever other drinks he named off and I’m thinking the devil is a freaking liar! I will stick with my water and lemon thank you!
    And here’s another funny thing after I get out of a temptation and I go to sleep I always wake up in the middle of the night to pee and I always say to myself oh my God thank God you didn’t drink while sitting on the toilet in the middle of the night. Lol 😂 I get the raunchy as hangovers because I drink way too much! It’s never just one! And even though it can be one day I usually pay for the next two or three! And then I lose my streak! I’m so glad you stuck it out girl! You inspired me and we inspired you look at that how beautiful is this community! I don’t even eat keto girl I don’t take key tones or anything I just love seeing your videos! But I do keep it pretty low carb and Paleo. Mostly lol 😂 take care!!!!!

  9. Immune_vitality
    Immune_vitality says:

    Love your content. Was wondering if you have a video of how you became so successful? I would be interested in how that process came along and our journey to where you are now. Thanks for all you share

  10. Rene Aldridge
    Rene Aldridge says:

    I just found your channel recently and have subscribed. I love your videos! I am considering starting keto. You make it look so much easier than so many other youtubers! What type of security cameras did your husband install? We are having our entire house resided next month. Lots of people are saying Ring video cameras are the best. Just curious what y'all opted for. There are so many out there and it gets confusing which ones are the best without spending a fortune.

  11. desiree hedges
    desiree hedges says:

    I love when you talk about having a lifestyle you don’t need a vacation from. It looks amazing! You’ve worked hard for everything you’ve accomplished! You deserve it😀

  12. KC F
    KC F says:

    Love this! I had my 4th baby 3 months ago and your journey video literally gives me
    All the inspiration! I must have watched it 10 times! So hard to keep hearing but you just had a baby… or it will happen. Nope I gotta make it happen!

  13. senceray
    senceray says:

    My summer goals are to drink my ketones everyday do one fat latte a day workout 6 days a week and stay strict keto no cheating for 3 months and I should also add clean Keto for those 3 months. And I want to say you are the main reason why I started ordering my pruvit ketones I kept going back and forth so I finally placed that order 4 your sample kits first to see how I like it and I've been Faithfully ordering my ketones my absolute favorite flavor is the heart chart and lime time


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