What I Eat In A Day KETO | New 30 day Challenge | Day 1

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  1. TheSuperflychica2010
    TheSuperflychica2010 says:

    I need this challenge! As a teacher I usually skip breakfast and eat something quick for dinner. This will help me plan my meals to stay on track. I live in Colorado and put on weight in the winter. Hoping this year will be the opposite.
    What state do you live in?

  2. Kim Lewis
    Kim Lewis says:

    Help me!!! Started the 30 day challenge yesterday and rocked it!! Woke up this morning and I have tested Covid positive!!! Now I’m stuck at home and all I want to do is eat all the comfort foods!!!

  3. Thaily
    Thaily says:

    Hola me encantan ver tus videos, aun que no entiendo el inglés, no se si hables español 😅 pero podrías poner a tus videos subtítulos en español 🥺💜 o tienes otro canal en español?👀 muchas gracias por compartirnos tus comidas y procesó 💜✨

  4. Teyonda Murphy
    Teyonda Murphy says:

    Good morning sunshine! I IF from 8pm to 11am. I’m sipping on lemon water with lemon and collagen. Quick question, do you follow FlavCity? I love his approach to eating not just Keto, paleo or any other lifestyle. He’s all about the best in class ingredients and keeping our blood sugars in check. The two of you have helped make my life and health soooooo much better.


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