What I eat in a day + how to speed up fat loss

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Hey guys!!! In this video I will be showing what I eat in a typical day. I’m also going to be talking about how to speed up your …

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  1. Alice C
    Alice C says:

    I don't eat 2 pounds of non starchy veges. For breakfast I have oats pear and berries. Lunch is pumpkin black beans and salad tea is a large kumura and spinach. Any ideas or tweaks welcome! I'm thinking of joining lwp

  2. Pamela Hayden
    Pamela Hayden says:

    I used to be a coffee drinker (always black) but I switched to a grain beverage (Kaffree Roma) to see if it would help with my cholesterol levels. Not sure if it did, but I don’t get coffee jitters any more.

  3. Gina Marie Lacey
    Gina Marie Lacey says:

    I really wanna join this challenge but unfortunately I live in a part of Canada rhats experiencing a child care crisis and sadly I'm unable to work atm. I'm going to try to follow along as best as I can but I will say since starting this way of eating almost 2 weeks ago, I have lost 11 pounds but most importantly, I haven't binged in all of that time ! Last night I ALMOST ate a big bag of chips my husband had left out if the counter but instead, I watched this video(watching again today because I fell asleep) and I want to thank you for the tips and tricks that are helping me stay on track. I'm just so afraid I'm going g to fall off the wagon again without the accountability part of this journey. Hopefully not!

  4. Whole Foodie
    Whole Foodie says:

    Yay! I’m so exited to see my name on the wall! The rice and pumpkin curry looks so good! When you said you would normally add a lot of non starchy veggies, I was like 💡That’s how I almost always eat.😬 Gotta up my game cause that’s why I ain’t losin! 🙄Thank for for LWP! Thank you Chelsea!

  5. MaryAnne C-G
    MaryAnne C-G says:

    I am a morning coffee person. I gave up cream and don’t enjoy coffee very much any more. I don’t like almond milk in coffee. I will try the oat milk. Thank you Chelsea. Enjoy your day!

  6. glamor girl
    glamor girl says:

    Hi Chelsea…. love your recipes, I have tried quite a few by now. They quick, easy delicious meals… I'm in kiwi land too. I cant seem to find the toasted seaweed snacks.. There are no Asians shops where I live. Thus the local grocery stores have them. ….Thanks…


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