What I eat in a day // easy home cooked recipes, cooking for two || feast-mas ep 3

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HAPPY FEAST-MAS EVERYONE! I am Tiffy Welcome to day 3 of FEAST-MAS! I made the most DELICIOUS breakfast sandwich …

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  1. Zwww
    Zwww says:

    please take extra precautions when you put a Christmas tree in the house where cats are around. Pine needles are extremely dangerous for cats. And tree water, tree decorations, etc😢

  2. Looloo M.
    Looloo M. says:

    To the 5 people who gave Tiffy a thumbs down, GOD SAID HE'S BEEN TRYING TO REACH YOU BUT YOU DON'T ANSWER. PLEASE, PLEASE PICK UP, YOU OBVIOUSLY NEED HIM IN YOUR LIFE. How bout you do a video where I can react to? Tiffy you are an amazing cook and I love all your videos. Thank you so much 💝.

  3. Thao Le
    Thao Le says:

    thank you for making this series!! it really inspires me to get into the kitchen myself and i can’t wait for the rest of this series to come out this december ❤❤

  4. Liv Petras
    Liv Petras says:

    That tuna sandwich looks soooo good! I am def going to make that! Also I woke up this morning with a cold, so I really want to try that tea, but I don’t have the ingredients 🙁
    But thank you for another amazing video!


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