What I Eat in a Day | Cozy & Wholesome Vegan Recipes

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I still try to nourish my body with cozy and wholesome food on busy days – here’s an example of how I do it! Shop Our Place’s …

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  1. Sia Sia
    Sia Sia says:

    Wow that chocolate nut butter sounds amazing! Turtle were my favorite chocolate as a kid. I think I'm gonna ask my fiance to buy me some for Xmas! I hops it doesn't sell out.

  2. Margaret B
    Margaret B says:

    Fried rice is a perfect comfort food, roasted fennel is definitely underrated and your nut butter sounds absolutely DIVINE!
    Lots and lots of love Caitlin!
    Have a great rest of this week!

  3. Molly Taylor
    Molly Taylor says:

    Those recipes look amazing! I love your videos and your tips are all helpful. Question for you… have you ever tried Next Level Diet? I got a custom fat-loss meal plan from them, and I love it.

  4. David's Allotment
    David's Allotment says:

    Always yummy 😋 vegan food in Catlin's what she ate in a day video's. Have a good week Catlin and everyone watching the video. Love 🥰 the video and love 💕💞Catlin and all her viewers & subscribers.

  5. nuclear
    nuclear says:

    hey caitlin ive been doing this thing called somatic experiencing recently, it's really helping my self-growth. started it because i had gut issues but it has healed that and only helped further my intuition. i just wanted to share since you do yoga and nature walks and stuff, thought u might find it interesting


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