What I Eat in a Day as a Busy Mom (Meal Prepping and Leftover Hacks)

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  1. Lindsay Fields
    Lindsay Fields says:

    Another video with sage scream crying. Why why why do you feel the need to constantly exploit your child for views? Why do you need to put this in every video? I understand you are trying to show real life but it doesn’t need to be in every video. Protect your child. This isn’t ok

  2. Staci C
    Staci C says:

    Sage is so cute! I also have a little red head haha they are extra dramatic! But it’s cute that Sage is crying over strawberries and not like cookies or a Frappuccino or something haha 😂 can’t wait to get the new cookbook by the way!

  3. Anna
    Anna says:

    I need to meke more smoothies like that, sooo nutritious! The problem is I just hate cold/frozen drinks, I'd instantly get sore throat or get a cold.

  4. AYB
    AYB says:

    Hey, Nikole. Thanks for the video. When u took the moment to clean while cooking it made me think of something. Can you do a video of cleaning products you use, please? I know u have options with less chemicals that are safer. Can u share those? I'd like to know of other options. Thanks.

  5. Sarah Verhoeven
    Sarah Verhoeven says:

    Would you be able to share a link or guide me in the right direction of finding cookware that lasts? I’m looking for quality pans to invest in because we cook everyday and our cheap pans don’t cut it!

  6. Rossy Marqueza
    Rossy Marqueza says:

    Hi Beautiful family ❤️❤️❤️❤️Hahahahhahha😅🤣😆😂 that was funny😂🤣😅 I know where u going 🤣 same here with my little Guy 😆
    🍑 No stop 😄 how funny😆😂👍🏽😘 happy New year 🎆😘 me n my little guy we both got sick on the Dec/ 30 🙄🤧 hope u guy r doing better 😘pls take care 👍🏽

  7. Nichole MacLean
    Nichole MacLean says:

    I had the same realization about protein. I definitely was eating way more carbs and having crazy cravings for sugar all the time. So I did as you are and focused on both fiber and protein and I feel really good!

  8. raeesa rashid
    raeesa rashid says:

    Great video!! The blood sugar levels and adding more protein thing….one of your followers were trying to advise you about this on your video on what you ate at your parents…..she was so shamed though….yet said it so kindly and it made so much of sense


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