WFPB Potato Meal Plan Class – Samosa Stuffed Potatoes, Pumpkin Oat Queso, Aloo Gobi, & Miso Mash!

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  1. Apple O'Day
    Apple O'Day says:

    Always lovely to hang out with you and I got excited when you started experimenting with pumpkin. I enjoy making queso with kabocha because it's starchy and velvety smooth. I'll use any of the drier & higher starch squashes in sauces. Have a wonderful weekend. ❤

  2. 1auntievenom
    1auntievenom says:

    Half way through and watching the bonus repeat. This was fun.
    Just thinking that you could have made the potato peel bacon that you mentioned.
    Also, fascinating to watch you juggling so much while doing a live. I consider myself an OK cook but don't know if I could do it while writing the recipe, reading comments, playing with a mouse and talking the talks.. No wonder you Feel discombobulated when something goes sideways.

  3. M T
    M T says:

    So nice of you to leave the class up 🙂 this was such a delightful time 😀 glad I caught it 🙂 If I could have everything purple I would also be very very happy 😀 thank you so much <3

  4. Denise McMahon
    Denise McMahon says:

    First time seeing the cooking club & enjoyed the chatty cooking….& didn't make my own meal watching this ……But, I had a brainwave.
    Realised I had cooked cauliflower & potatoes & some chickpeas, so rustled up a curry sauce & had a quick aloo gobi instead!

  5. Raw Chef Yin
    Raw Chef Yin says:

    This was so much fun! Thank you Kathy for sharing your paid class with us. I giggled when you said "Americanised Chinese restaurants". It's a very accurate description. I know an Asian friend who lived in the US for over 6 years always refers to it as "food Chinese people serve to white people" coz it's not necessarily Chinese food that's familiar to me. I'm of Chinese descent and sometimes people ask me to make all these "Chinese recipes" and I'm like errrr…that's not really what I grew up eating as a Chinese, yunno. I have to say they do taste good, I had fun eating American Chinese food on my trips to the US 😀😀😀. So cool that you did your research and ate at Korean restaurants to prep for your Korean class! 👍👍👍

  6. Debby
    Debby says:

    I really appreciate that you shared this class! So helpful of you!!! You are so kind with your time! Thanks so much!


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