Weight -loss Vlog | Wednesday Wisdom for Weight-loss | Your Weight-Loss Questions Answered | Q&A

Weight -loss Vlog | Wednesday Wisdom for Weight-loss | Your Weight-Loss Questions Answered | Q&A

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HI My Name is Denise and Welcome to my Channel! Snail Mail P. O. Box 216 Clarksboro, NJ 08020-0216 #weightlossjourney …

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  1. Blue Socks
    Blue Socks says:

    Oh well Dee I’m gonna have to unsubscribe now 😅 only kidding I’m one of those phone book girls ❤️ so glad Wednesday wisdom is back, you have so much wisdom Denise it’s busting to get out 😊 thanks for helping us all xxx

  2. Jennifer Haskin
    Jennifer Haskin says:

    A grocery store “tour” would be wonderful. I’m a visual shopper, I probably won’t remember the brand name but if I see what the product looks like (or where to find it) I’ll try it! Thanks

  3. Worth More Than My Journey
    Worth More Than My Journey says:

    I watch because I like the weight loss journey support even though I don’t do WW nor do I track calories anymore. I’m on a self prescribed volume based diet. Tracking volume these days instead of calories because I find it more freeing. So yeah I will follow you no matter what diet I’m on 😊

  4. FredFam
    FredFam says:

    I love that you give advice to do what comes naturally to you, rather than trying to force yourself into a mold that doesn't make sense for your personality. It really will make such a difference in one's success! For example, for years I tried to make myself a runner. Then I finally realized that I HATE running and no amount of forcing myself to run will change that! Now I walk, do dance, spin, yoga, kickboxing, etc which I actually enjoy. And because I enjoy it, I have better success at doing it consistently!

    Also, did you hear they ARE getting rid of the blue dot?! I think it's being phased out within the next couple of weeks. 

    If you'll allow me to step onto my soap box for a moment, I work for a tech company with a primarily app-based user base (like WW). I work as a manager on our customer success team. My team and I spend ALL day talking to users, helping them navigate the product, troubleshooting their problems, and collecting their feedback to relay those ideas back to our product team to help us improve.

    When our users are consistently asking us for a feature, WE MAKE IT HAPPEN! Always!! Especially if it benefits our goals (e.g. making it easier for more people to start using our product). It absolutely boggles my mind that a big company like WW with all the money and staff in the world they could ever need to complete user research, product testing, and surveys completely ignores things that users are consistently asking for, and takes away things (like the blue dot) that users love and rely on. Imagine the user base they could expand to (people who do keto, low carb, strength training, etc) if they would help us tally Macros!

  5. Jill Segal-Belgrave
    Jill Segal-Belgrave says:

    I made your cottage bun recipe with ff cottage cheese and added Goya Adobo all purpose seasoning, 4 chopped Hormel turkey pepperoni and 2 tbsp ff shredded mozzarella. Rolled into 5 balls and baked @350 in my air fryer till nice and golden the flip. Served with 3 tbs Prego no sugar added traditional tomato sauce. OMG sooo good and only 2 pts for 5 balls. Could be a great appetizer and no one would know they were WW friendly 😊. I think I'm going to try one with Mexican or taco seasoning, black beans and ff shredded cheddar or Velveeta shreds


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