Weekly Weigh In and Weight Watchers Weekly Meeting Topic – Grocery Shopping!

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  1. Ginny
    Ginny says:

    Yes, knowledge of nutrition is power. I never really paid attention to ingredients and nutrients in the past, I was more concerned about just losing weight. Now, at 68, my weight is low, but I am eating to stay healthy.

  2. Debbie Wolf
    Debbie Wolf says:

    I mostly go to Safeway or Fred Meyer's (Krogers) for a weekly pickup of fresh food or smaller quantities. Costco for bulk and meat. I rarely go to Trader Joe's as they are too far away and horrible parking. Sprouts and Whole Foods are too far away and expensive. It costs to use the shopping apps around here (annual fee or per trip/money spent). List by categories. Always eat before shopping to avoid impulse buying.

  3. Jan Martin
    Jan Martin says:

    I do a lot of online pick up. My daughter took me to a store where she lives, Jungle Jim. She took me straight to a section of the store that had all healthy options! It was great! Good topic, Joan!

  4. Wanda Holt
    Wanda Holt says:

    The grocery store I shop at has been expanding their store and has completely changed the layout. The whole foods are no longer around the perimeter of the store. I think this is a ploy to get us to spend more money on impulse shopping.


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