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  1. Pat Moore
    Pat Moore says:

    Enjoyed the vlog so much! Girl, when you said John draws the line at “the balls” and Tif calls the snake meat anaconda…that took me out😂😂 I was cracking up with you. I’m from NC but live in Atlanta, and my family eats all of those things too. 🤢 IJC lol

  2. Julia JewlzFlattes
    Julia JewlzFlattes says:

    Hey Yesenia I am so glad to see your blog I recently got out of the hospital I had double pneumonia I had messaged you about the China cabinet and then I got sick. I’m doing great now I just wanted to compliment you on those vases oh my God they’re absolutely beautiful. I’m so glad you had a great Father’s Day time.

  3. Jst Dorice
    Jst Dorice says:

    Happy Wednesday Sis. I really enjoyed this vlog. It’s always so nice to spend time with family. ♥️ Sis you are going to love your syrup dispenser and rice cooker. 🥰 When I tell you girl I don’t even boil rice 🍚 on the stove no more…🤣🤣🤣🤣🥰 Have a blessed rest of the week!🫶🏾

  4. Rose Boykin
    Rose Boykin says:

    Hey Yesenia.. It was good seeing John's family! David and his uncle are twins!!! Girl, my husband and his mom eat EVERYTHING on your list except snake!! 🤢🤢 It grosses me out!!! Lol

  5. Adabel Morales
    Adabel Morales says:

    Hola! It was so adorable how you blushed when you talked about how John smells…and please wish him a Happy Father's Day from me. And it is so nice when family can get together and have an awesome time! Okay, don't come at me with what I am about to say, but I love potted meat, vienna sausage and spam, I grew up eating those type of foods during times when my parents could not afford to buy meat, I also like gator meat and shark meat, but I will not eat Bambi! And yuck on chitterlings, they smell horrible!!

  6. Cheryl Wingate
    Cheryl Wingate says:

    Happy Father's Day John!! No Yesenia I don't eat none of that🤮!!! Snake meat 🤢🤮😳??!!! I can't even look at a snake!!!!! I will eat spam and bologna tho. They have to be fried for me to eat them. John has a nice family and your mother has beautiful plants.

  7. Felecia Abram
    Felecia Abram says:

    Your mom’s plants are beautiful. I would love to be able to grow really nice plants, but I seem to kill everything. Yes chile, I’ve heard of all the meats you were talking about, but I eat none of it!!

  8. armetriadboyz
    armetriadboyz says:

    Hey Yesenia enjoy your vlog. Happy Belated Father's Day John! I love when family comes together with so much love. John has a beautiful family.

    I'm with Shanthi. I only like chicken wings and some seafood. People think because you are born in the south you suppose to eat everything you called out Yesenia. But 97% that's on the list I never ate. And I never wanted to taste it either. Lol

  9. Montez
    Montez says:

    Always a pleasure to watch. My parents are from north Florida(Havana), so we ate chitterlings, fried gizzards, hog head cheese, liver with gravy, sardines, bologna, spam and vienna sausages. My dad was the only one who would eat possums, raccoons and rabbits. He would get them from the woods. All the other foods you mentioned…NOPE! Enjoyed watching. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Shar M
    Shar M says:

    Hell to the naw naw naw, except chitlins, but nothing else… yuck!! I haven’t eaten chitlins in years though I probably won’t eat them now!

  11. Marian Herring
    Marian Herring says:

    I love all of your videos, they are like a mini vacation to me, so peaceful, Keep up with the videos, and l hope you enjoyed John's family, on my food list l have tried everything but possum and frog legs believe it or not most of that food they mentioned like gator tails,chitterling are expensive the one thing they did not mention was coon,and to buy a good coon you are out $20 on up😆 like l tell everyone my stomach was est1962 it has been thru alot,and was born and raised in coastal Ga l love your channel!!!

  12. IceeCold HD
    IceeCold HD says:

    Hey Yesenia 👋🏾. This was a great volg… Loved John’s family..especially the sister in law. What a lovely family. I was rolling when your sister in law was hugging on David..he was trying to get away 🤣🤣🤣. Happy Father’s Day John🤗

  13. Carla Mitchell
    Carla Mitchell says:

    That was a long list of food item you guys were discussing. Let me just say my short list of yes foods lol. Sardines, potted meat, veanna sausage, gizzards, baloney & yes chittlings lol! Yall ladies seem to talk about everything. So good to have good girl friends. Nothing like family, thanks for sharing your family time with us😊


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