Weekly Grocery Haul || Meal Plan || PREPPER PANTRY STOCK UP

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Weekly Grocery Haul || MEAL PLAN || PREPPER STOCK UP #groceryhaulonabudget My Etsy Shop! Meal Planners || Food …

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  1. Jennifer Gragg
    Jennifer Gragg says:

    That Kroger brand cheese snack medley that you got is so good! I love that kind and it’s the only one that I get! Love the honey meat sticks that are in it or brown sugar or whatever it was…either way it’s so good in my opinion! I made sloppy joes tonight but not in the crockpot! Thank you for sharing your haul and meal plan with us!! 💜💜

  2. k irvin
    k irvin says:

    Love seeing your groceries, love watching you make quick easy meals, and I love the round griddle. Wish I could get myself one it would be awesome to have but I simply cant 🙁

  3. Suzanne
    Suzanne says:

    Just a really quick stock up hint. Son-in-law is in the MLB and my daughter goes to Toronto every summer. She called me this morning because there is a baby aspirin shortage up there. Now I don’t know if this extends throughout Canada but it certainly is in Toronto. One of my grandsons has a heart problem and has to take a prescription and baby aspirin. She asked me to stock up when I go to the store so that she will have enough for him here in case it becomes short.

  4. Liss L
    Liss L says:

    Wow you got some great deals! The turkey and cheese snacks look really good, I’ll have to see if they have at my local store. We have Fred Meyers stores where I live, which sells Kroger items. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thrifty Farmish Momma
    Thrifty Farmish Momma says:

    Your new meal planners are cute ❤️ How did Luke like those turkey and cheese snack kits? Were they a reasonable price? I just bought some like that at Aldi. They were a little over $3 and very good. I'll have to look for them at Kroger on the weeks I don't go to Aldi. Love seeing the condiment stock-up 😁

  6. JoAnn Carpenter
    JoAnn Carpenter says:

    I totally agree with you on the chicken! I LOVE your new planners – I’ll buy both when I get paid! I truly appreciate you Tamara & will always support you in any way that I can!! 🤗

  7. Debbie Reilly
    Debbie Reilly says:

    Great grocery haul and meal plan Thank you for sharing Tamara have a blessed day stay safe and healthy. You picked up some awesome prepper pantry stock up. 👍👍👍🙏❤🙏❤🙏❤

  8. Stacy Russell
    Stacy Russell says:

    Great haul, Tamara. And a very decent meal plan for the week. I'm still putting next week's meal plan together… depends on what I can find good at the store this weekend.


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