Weekend Wrap Up ~ Date Night, 93rd Birthday, Mother Daughter Day & Couch Time

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  1. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    I went to Aldi in Asheboro today and the shelves were thin in places. I love Randleman Walmart! That’s the only one we go to.
    Hope y’all have a good week!

  2. Leanne Gilchrist
    Leanne Gilchrist says:

    Your aunt is 94 years old!? She’s vibrant and looks like a bright light! I love your weekend wrap ups, Leslie! I love seeing a different region, a different state and how you guys do things! On My To Do List is a visit to North Carolina! It’s so pretty! It’s so nice that you got to get out with Caroline, Leslie! Pastor Bryant’s Yellow Brick road series is brilliant and so true! I was convicted while he was talking about his sermon on Sunday. Thank you so much for taking us along with you! <3

  3. Amy B
    Amy B says:

    Awesome video, Ms Leslie and Pastor Bryant! I really enjoyed this weekend wrap up. God bless your aunt, she looks wonderful! It was so nice to see you and Caroline spending mother/daughter time together. You are both so beautiful, inside and out! I really liked Pastor Bryant’s message at the end. I’m looking forward to your videos this week! I love you guys, God bless you all 🤗❤️🙏🏼

  4. Romaine Jayne
    Romaine Jayne says:

    I was raised and live in the City of Los Angeles, but born in NC, at Forsythe. Of course, being born from parents who are southerners that's what you eat. Southern food! Mom was a good cook and so Dad was too. Over here, you can't find southern food. I mean, you'd be lucky to see biscuits and gravy on a breakfast menu in Los Angeles and if you did it wouldn't resemble nor taste anything like a biscuit and gravy! lol 🤣 It's a good thing my mom taught me how to cook! Amen Bryant. Times are turbulent, now's not the time to get out-of-focus for sure! Leaning on our own understanding is dangerous today. 🙏 Since I can't be located in your zip code, I just wanted to say from 3,000 lonely miles away how much both of you are loved.

  5. Granny Jan's From Scratch
    Granny Jan's From Scratch says:

    The scripture from James is what I prayed after my cancer treatment two years ago. I knew God could heal my body, I also knew there were steps I could take. So I prayed. God poured out His wisdom through YouTube channels and I began my journey into nutrition…Godly nutrition! God heard my prayers and answered them. Two years later there is no evidence of disease and I’m still learning about His plan to use the foods He gave us to heal our bodies. Keep on sharing!

  6. Bama Girl
    Bama Girl says:

    Enjoy the Sunday couch time every week!! GOD BLESS U AND UR FAMILY!! I HEARD AILDI Stores r all closing this yr. Ours is about an hour away. Hope they dont close.

  7. Ruth McCormick
    Ruth McCormick says:

    Caroline it was great to see you, so happy you and your Mom got to have a day together! Happy birthday to your Aunt. 93 is wonderful! Looking forward to more new recipes! A great message Bryant! God bless you and your beautiful family.❤🙏🙏


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