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  1. Quoc Bao
    Quoc Bao says:

    As a carnivore, I laugh at this diet. I eat only 1 meal a day like our human ancestors hundreds of thousands of years ago. These vegans recipe won't keep you full and you have to keep eating them and feel bloated with all those nasty fiber, anti-nutrients, etc.

  2. Lindsey Macintosh
    Lindsey Macintosh says:

    When this video first started, I honestly thought there was somebody curled up in the bed over her right shoulder…. .I got so excited, was like Rose you been holding out on us girl, ,who you snuggling with !!?? and then YAY Rose been snuggling !!!! 🥰
    Then I realised it was just my imagination, and Rose you do an amazing job of keeping your private life rightly private, and I honestly admire you for this, is none of my business……I JUST GOT EXCITED IS ALL !!! 😁
    Now, on a note that is relevant…..can we take a moment for those tacos !!! 😋💣👌

  3. Monika Donnelly
    Monika Donnelly says:

    Love that you are reeducating the public about any food being a meal any time of the day! No need to buy into marketed notions about mealtimes. I, too, do beans and/or tofu for breakfast. I enjoy mine with a mashed butternut squash and potato blend.

  4. Margaret B
    Margaret B says:

    3:00 Girls, you made me crave some authentic Asian food SO SO much! These tofu pockets and noodles look amazing and must have just tasted great! I feel like I am missing out on so many amazing dishes!

  5. Margaret B
    Margaret B says:

    I always stick to my usual breakfast but I love your videos so much Rose I just couldn't say "no" to seeing your smiling face and hearing your witty comments in the voiceover 😀 Thanks for (as always) brightening my day!
    Lots and lots of love! Have a great day or night!

  6. Cheryl Kessler
    Cheryl Kessler says:

    Thanks for this video, Rose! I also eat non-traditional food for breakfast. 🙂 Mostly I eat savory oatmeal (made with water seasoned with veg broth or miso), some greens and other random veg I have on hand, leftover tofu or edamame or nuts and seeds, some kind of sauce (usually something tahini based) and a healthy sprinkle of Everything Bagel seasoning!! Very satisfying and yummy.

  7. Tomi Thot
    Tomi Thot says:

    I pick up new tips with every video … love your creativity with just 3 ingredients! Even I can do that. The bean patty is fabulous … I made it with black beans and am going to try azuki. Keep those videos coming.


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