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Is Gordon Ramsay’s Vegan steak as good as it looks? Today we are going to find out! ————————————————— ⋇ IN THIS VIDEO ⋇ 0:00 – Intro 1:15 …
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  1. Plant Based Celiac
    Plant Based Celiac says:

    This is definitely an over engineered recipe. I’m 100% sure you can make this just as good in about 1-2 hours with 1/10 the ingredients.
    Also, what happened to all those veggies you used to make the au jus?

  2. Kala Kumar
    Kala Kumar says:

    Chris & Jasmine, you guys are troopers! I've seen demiglace recipes, and they're all like this. I've seen other chefs who do marathon recipes like this, not just vegan recipes. You guys probably could have done a week's worth of meal prep for the ingredients, cost, and time you put into this Gordon Ramsey eggplant steak and mash potatoes meal. Thank you for going to so much trouble for us. I'm glad it at least tasted good!

  3. Pohana Hawaii
    Pohana Hawaii says:

    Haha, poor 🍆 🍆 overkill! Not sure why Gordon Ramsay would char, roast, then reroast them like they were actual steaks from the hind of a buffalo 😅. I think if you ever Ever want to try this again, no charring, roast once for about 10 minutes under high broiler in wine then remove them before finishing wine reduction. And fork a few holes in the 🍆 before roasting.

  4. WikiPamela
    WikiPamela says:

    If this recipe were a person it would be that one person you know that always has to use every single big/fancy word they know even if it doesn't really fit into the conversation. 🤣


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