We Tried 15 Mac And Cheese Brands. Here's The Best One.

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When it comes to comfort food, the quickest and easiest to make and enjoy has to be mac and cheese. It’s arguably also the …

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  1. Harvey Gussow
    Harvey Gussow says:

    I do like Mac-N-Cheese but not from a box here. It doesn’t matter if it’s on sale or not. There is a good chance that the invasion of little bugs have given you another form of protein. They even get into the cheese packet as well. Just don’t buy it in Arizona.

  2. zinxeb
    zinxeb says:

    I usually make my own, but when I want something as near to homemade as I can get, I'll buy the frozen Stouffer's mac and cheese. It's more expensive than the boxed elbows with the powdered fake cheese, but it's worth the money.

  3. alaras
    alaras says:

    Banza's actually pretty tasty if done right. The key is to mix the cheese sauce using about half a cup (or a little more) of plain nonfat Greek yogurt instead of milk and butter, and I'd even suggest adding in a few ounces of your favorite block cheese (ALWAYS SHRED IT YOURSELF) for this to thicken and add complexity to the flavor (I admit to using fat free or low fat cheese for this, but you do you).

  4. Bo "Wolf" Fraze
    Bo "Wolf" Fraze says:

    As far as box Mac & Cheese, surprisingly Great Value Thick & Creamy is by far better than any of the name brands!
    When it comes to box Mac, liquid cheese stands superior to powder cheese!!!

  5. Cat Girl
    Cat Girl says:

    Annie's mac and cheese IS heathier than Kraft because it is made with natural ingredients, no unhealthy additives, such as artificial color and fast-cooking chemicals, and contains less fat, calories and sodium!


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