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  1. Maria Cooper
    Maria Cooper says:

    Hi Yesenia Thanks for the video and Thanks for the prayer of the day and I love 💘 the soup and cookies o boy wow it looks delicious 😋 I love to see the baking keep showing it I hope that your children feeling much better the cleaning 🧹 everything was nice you did well do have a wonderful day you and your family hi Destiny Devon and David you have me laughing 🤣 with the plant she looks great you have to make plenty room for her bye

    Fans tumbs up the video subscribe share video thanks fans God bless you all bye 💕👌👍✌️🫶🌟💥🌻🎄👋

  2. TanyaLovesPink
    TanyaLovesPink says:

    Yesenia your videos never disappoint; I especially enjoy your cooking videos, I’m planning to try the cookie recipe this weekend. I hope you and your beautiful family have an amazing weekend💞💞💞💞

  3. Jacquarla Redic
    Jacquarla Redic says:

    Hey Yesenia how are you and the family I loved the video as always the soup looked good and OMG those cookies look so delicious I wished I could just grab one they look so good and festive can’t to wait to see what you bring to us next doing this holiday season…hey I wanted to know will you be doing the holiday boxes that that you make for your kids for Christmas ❤😘🥰

  4. IntroducingTheWoodards
    IntroducingTheWoodards says:

    I love the Christmas tree in the kitchen. Hulu and Disney been merged it’s a bundle deal with espn too but it’s cheaper to bundle than it is to pay for separate services. The food looked good, I can’t wait to try the cookies with my girls.

  5. Anja’s Corner
    Anja’s Corner says:

    Hi, Beautiful sis, as always , loved the video! Crockpot liners are a blessing! The soup and the cookies look so delicious! I will say it again, I love, love ur content❤ This year, because of health issues, my holidays will be downsized, alot, so I’m living vicariously through you, lol. I think I can speak for all your subs, when I say you bring us so much joy; from your opening prayer and motivational words, to the enthusiasm that you bring ❤ Please continue to “bring it!” Continued blessings for you and your family!❤❤❤

  6. Talisha Wesley
    Talisha Wesley says:

    Hey hey Mrs. Y I love the way you keep your home nice and clean!! My granny always told me a clean house is a Happy home…you have it decorated so nice! And the food and cookies looks delicious 😋❤️


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