VEGAN ZUCCHINI BREAD ❤️Scrumptious and gluten-free, refined oil & sugar free!


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  1. Kijo
    Kijo says:

    I made this and am getting ready to make more today and freeze some for later. I did add some chopped walnuts and some dried cranberries and only because I had some dark chocolate bits in the bottom of a bag of chocolate bark left over I sprinkled that on top before putting it in the over lol. Maybe not AS healthy but very delicious.

  2. TheRickie41
    TheRickie41 says:

    I made a hearty version, with 5 dates only, coriander, fennel, nutmeg, seasalt and allspice, putsome mixedseeds in it and used coconutyogurt as I didn't have veg milk. Now for the vegan cheese to go with it, and some homemade mushroom/yeast spread!

  3. Annissa Graves
    Annissa Graves says:

    This is so simple and very impressive if you give it 24 hours for the flavors to come alive. I made a more complicated recipe for comparison and yours is better!!! Appreciate your WFPB cooking show!!

  4. Grace Hall
    Grace Hall says:

    OMG! I just made this tonight AND WOW!, it is so amazing wow! Thank you. This will be my new staple. It's an easy snack, or a great idea for on the road kind of meal as well. I'm soooo glad to have found you. I defiantly want to buy your cook book.

  5. Rian Bradley
    Rian Bradley says:

    I was so excited to make this, but not sure what I did wrong, it cooked for 55 min, then another 10 since it was still sticky with a test toothpick, and then it cooled, and was so sticky and wet still ! couldn't eat it. I did all the steps with the zucchini got out every drop of water . Any thoughts ?I used a silicone pan also, maybe that was the issue ? thanks for your delicious recipes.

  6. Help! Dad's Gone Vegan!
    Help! Dad's Gone Vegan! says:

    Hi Jill. Yum! I'm addicted to your videos! I have two kids who are on the "typical" modern diet and I would like to transition them to a vegan lifestyle. Which of your recipes do you think that kids would love the most? I'd like their first vegan experience to be wonderful so they will be open to more vegan food in the future. Thanks! – Wallace


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