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What I eat in a day / Plant Based Vegan Meals Chocolate Oats: Quick Oats (rolled oats) Soy Milk Cocoa Powder Maple Syrup …

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    First off, you are awesome and anything you video is wonderful to watch.

    I love this video. It’s great to see you settling in, how you make your coffee, having bonding time with your beautiful daughter (she has grown so much 😢) and you are right about oats keeping you satiated. I’m way off track with my diet currently but when I’m on point and include oats for breaky every morning I have so much energy and mental clarity.

    This is my only “social media” so I’m invested in seeing your day to day life, grocery haul (would be curious to know USA prices to compare to Australia prices), any recipes you want to share, day trips, day in the life, what you eat in a day, your observations about the change in location and the good/bad in your opinion. Not asking too much here… 😂

  2. Sandy Pluss
    Sandy Pluss says:

    Love the simple ideas that don't take too much time.
    Love seeing other people following WFPBNO who are Christians – it's so encouraging.

    Would love to see a video on how you learn to recognize hunger and fullness queues.

  3. Laura Castillejos
    Laura Castillejos says:

    I really love all your videos! DITL, What I eat in a day, grocery hauls, cooking, resets/challenges etc Did you cook the oatmeal in the microwave? If so, how long? Also, would love to know how long and what temp your MIL cooks the plantain in the air fryer 🙂 Thanks for the video, Milly! 💕

  4. Angie's Vegan Boss life
    Angie's Vegan Boss life says:

    Im a new mom, pregnant again, recently married and received God and would love to see how you incorporate God into your life, cleaning videos, skincare routine because your skin is amazing 👏 and vegan mexican dishes (my hubby is mexican and im trying to get him off meat). Thank you in advance

  5. Yvette Madrid
    Yvette Madrid says:

    Great video! I like your grocery haul videos and what I eat in a day & week. Maybe you and your hubby can do a weekend what I eat too & include some new vegan spots you discover.

  6. Norma Lopez
    Norma Lopez says:

    Can you make a lasagna with sliced tomatoes and round sliced zucchini thinly sliced. I always wanted to make something kinda like that just never got around to it!


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