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  1. samuri2011
    samuri2011 says:

    Looks so yummy and cwwwispy! 😭 Mushrooms are so awesome. Such good texture and flavor! Plus when you add some sort of starch or flour like you did, the options are unlimited! 😍😍

  2. Nett Nett
    Nett Nett says:

    Yum.. I always enjoy your videos. I made mushroom and lentil (canned) pies with peas and corn last week and they tasted so much like a mince pie. I did add a bit of plant based mince also.

  3. Craig McArthur
    Craig McArthur says:

    Could you make your recipies available on a web suported platform (like a blog or website)?
    I use a recipe scraper, (copy me that, or cheftap and others) and need a written recipe so that I can use and copy.
    YouTube descrptions, unfortunately, don't work.
    Just asking.

  4. Kitya C
    Kitya C says:

    This looks so good!! I was plotting out a way to make this for dinner tonight and had a question: Can I substitute mirin for the shaoxing wine?

    I only ask because I happen to have mirin in the pantry. But I've never tasted shaoxing wine, so I wasn't certain if the flavor profiles are similar or entirely different. If different, I'll bypass the mirin and hunt the shaoxing wine down instead.


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