Upgrade Your GOCHUJANG! Ground Beef Gochujang and Bibimbap

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  1. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    Everything is better with Gochujang, I put it in everything now that I've found it thanks to you. This was the video I needed. Thanks Aaron!!❤🤗

  2. Javk Thong
    Javk Thong says:

    As always a pleasure and entertaining to watch your videos , your explaining and the way you break down simple parts of the recipe down is second to no one and makes it a non stressful situation before you even start to copy your meals .

    Glad to see your succeeding on you tube , you only had a couple followers when I watch your first video now you have a 1m 🎉

  3. Nathan Thompson
    Nathan Thompson says:

    The weirdest thing is that I'm totally used to hearing Claire speaking Korean, but I genuinely think this is the first time I've heard Aaron actually speak it in any of their videos.

  4. umdesch4
    umdesch4 says:

    I'm going to do this with some gochujang, for sure. But I just have to say, that's the slickest segue into an ad for Surfshark I've ever seen, and probably the best one Aaron's done yet.

  5. Andi Smith
    Andi Smith says:

    I've been watching your videos for a week or so now. Came across you on YouTube when searching a hack on homemade tteokbokki. BUT got hooked on your videos. I love how you always give other opinions or say it's okay you don't need this etc. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with a recipe if I don't have something but you make it feel okay lol. I have had to screen shot and hunt for things you use bc I'm in the US with little Korean / Asian market options. But also you crack in some jokes and laughs when talking too. 😅

  6. Taali
    Taali says:

    I got your book Aaron & Claire!!!! It's all my favorites. This is the best all-in-one Korean cookbook ever. I love it. ❤❤❤❤❤

    If anyone is considering getting it, Don't hesitate! It has the best recipes for Korean classics and Street food. 💯☝️

  7. Ivan The Nuke
    Ivan The Nuke says:

    Looks amazing – can't wait to give it a try! Quick question – how come in the cooking videos (and kdramas) I watch I always see Korean's wearing shirts with English/American slogans – never anything in Korean? Just curious 🙂

  8. Marian Murphy
    Marian Murphy says:

    I love your videos Aaron and Claire..I’ve recently started learning Korean ( just to help my memory) .
    So I think this is why your videos pop up on my feed. I’m on a keto , low carb type of diet..and eat cauliflower rice..so think I will definitely try this sauce..as you don’t seem to need much to make the ‘rice’ more palatable..just a question..is the sauce eaten cold from the fridge? …thank you both

  9. Nicole Wilson
    Nicole Wilson says:

    As always the food looks delicious! I think I'm going to try the gyeranbap the way Claire suggested. It's great you can use gochujang on so many things. There's Hodu! Tell her I said hi! She's such a cutie. Great video. 😊


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