Ultimate Copy Cat Meals Video | Meals that are Cheaper than Going Out

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  1. Debi Morsette
    Debi Morsette says:

    Great copy cat recipes. I recently went to Portland, OR, to visit my kids and grandkids. The eldest grandson wanted to go to Olive Garden. I knew it would cost me $150-$200 for the six of us. Instead I spent right at $20 to make chicken Alfredo with broccoli, salad fixins, and garlic bread sticks. It all looked and tasted like Olive Garden’s. We even had some leftovers. Debi in Vicksburg, MS. 🥰🥰

  2. Venus Gal
    Venus Gal says:

    I have looked for wonton wrappers for years. Can you or anyone tell me where to get them? And that goes for egg roll wrappers too. Same but different. What section of like a stupid WMart are they in? Because I have yet to find them. We don't have an Asian store so that's out.


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