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GET READY for the second battle in our Battles Revisited series; and this time, the theme is CHOCOLATE! Will Mike continue his reign of victory or will Barry …
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  1. Rifeen jn
    Rifeen jn says:

    Cocoa is hydrophobic, this is why if you try and speed up the setting process by putting tempered chocolate in the fridge, it'll "sweat". No Bueno. Don't do.

  2. Cathy W.
    Cathy W. says:

    Do the normals make their own recipes, or do the others make it for them? If they dont make it on their own, it would be fun to follow their process. Follow the normals from brainstorm, food testing lab, to final presentation.

  3. Joey den Broeder
    Joey den Broeder says:

    Using rice as a pie weight is a nice trick. But if you fill it up with sugar instead, you end up with toasted sugar which adds a great extra layer of depth to your desserts, and you won't have to throw it out (which is wasteful).

  4. Aaron Macy
    Aaron Macy says:

    What the f*** are you doing? No wonder James keeps sitting these ones out. You’re 30+yr old men, stop dressing up for Halloween in April on YouTube like it’s 2013. Evolve. Grow. This shit’s cringe AF.

    I genuinely love this channel, stop making me feel embarrassed like a Chavs friend that made it to Uni and brought his partner back on break to meet his friends.
    Drop the costumes. FFS.

  5. Lamar Farman
    Lamar Farman says:

    I've seen you guys cover many alternative foods. It would be really interesting to see you guys review food with extra protein added to it. The weight lifting community sees tons of food like it and I'd love to see your opinions of it.

  6. neo
    neo says:

    Haha. Ben's becoming generous with the badges after all the backlash to not base it on the battle win. So, are we going to see some backdated rewards now – like Mike's well-deserved badge from the Beat The Chef battle?

  7. Miss Dire
    Miss Dire says:

    If Ben were American, basic, or a parent needing to cut corners, he'd know about cocoa being hydrophobic. It does, however, mix better in hot water because hot water has more energy and due to that, the molecules are moving faster and it helps to separate – ie force its way better – in between each granule.

    Hot chocolate drink/mix powder, however, is typically a different story but that's due to added sugar helping with the process.


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