Two plant-based ice creams: BUTTER PECAN & COFFEE 🤯 Is this HEALTHY?!

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We are back with two more mind blowing ice cream flavors – Butter Pecan & Coffee! Are you ready to taste the most indulgent …

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  1. M Macneill
    M Macneill says:

    Oh My! just made both of these and put in freezer – the chocolate and strawberry were terrific. Now Jill onto maple/walnut, toasted almond cherry – we could go on and on and on?? I have a Ninja Creami and made some other recipes that I was not fond of but your recipes are really really good – Thank you

  2. Andrea Walker
    Andrea Walker says:

    Butter Pecan is my favorite flavor! I don't know why it is so hard (or impossible?) to find a vegan version. I'm excited to try this healthy version in my old Cuisinart ice cream maker. Thanks!

  3. b1jou123
    b1jou123 says:

    Hi Jill, do these ice creams taste a lot like banana? I don't like the taste of banana so I've been having a hard time finding a nice cream flavor that I like.
    Do the nooch and acv work to mask the banana flavor?
    BTW, love your show and the recipes! 🥰

  4. Homespun Hoops
    Homespun Hoops says:

    There must be some recipes that don't use banana. Banana is such a strong flavor, I can't imagine these not tasting like banana. I don't want my coffee ice cream tasting like banana.

  5. Maxine Pagnotti
    Maxine Pagnotti says:

    Hi Jill, I’m contemplating getting the Ninja creami. I make my nice cream in my food processor now which works good. I’m not sure if the cost and having another kitchen appliance would be justified. What are your thoughts? Is it that much better ?

  6. Tamson Darland
    Tamson Darland says:

    I don't own a Ninja Machine but own a Vitamix and Food Processor too. Could they replace using Ninja Machine instead? Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful recipes. Will enjoy 🍨🍨🍨🍨

  7. Pat SDA
    Pat SDA says:

    I'm curious about the butter pecan ice cream. Looks good. Do you think I can replace the vinegar with lemon juice and the Deglet dates with Medjool dates? Thank you.

  8. Phillip Pinter
    Phillip Pinter says:

    But it's not a low fat ice cream (which is not a bad thing at all) but a low saturated fat ice cream moderately high in heart healthy unsaturated fat. Just for reference so people don't think I'm assuming breyers classic vanilla(the most common ice cream I see in people's carts and parties) has about 29g of total fat in a pint and the first ice cream recipe in this video has about 55g of total fat.

  9. CK Veggie
    CK Veggie says:

    Made your chocolate & strawberry recipes today. Can’t wait to taste them. Will definitely be making the Butter Pecan soon. Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Kendra Banta
    Kendra Banta says:

    I just mixed up a batch using regular sweet potato in place of the banana. Needed a bit more soy milk as it was very thick. Licking the spatula was FANTASTIC!! Oh my, it tastes so good already. I made the coffee recipe adding cocoa powder and a double batch of strawberry. The Ninja Creami is definitely worth the money!! I was just using Dole pineapple or applesauce but Jill’s recipes are so much better!!!

  11. Vickie K
    Vickie K says:

    I can't justify purchasing another kitchen appliance! I wonder if this recipe would work using my Kitchen Aid Ice Cream attachment for my mixer?

  12. Lucy Bryant
    Lucy Bryant says:

    😍 wow. You are the best, just in time for summer 🎉. May I ask what exact model your Ninja creami is? Also which model is your Nutra Bullet is? 👏💕 Thank you!

    JUDY MILLER says:

    This looks like such fun, ninja reviews on Amazon are mixed…. not sure i'm ready to invest the $$ for it at this time. I love Jill and her creative expertise ! I use so many of her recipes, every day. Thank you 😆


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