Turning Destiny 2 into a Terrible E-Sport

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Destiny 2 Tournaments or E-Sports dont happen for a good reason. Today I take the best funny moments from live stream where I fought 2 players with their best …

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  1. Derell Sherman
    Derell Sherman says:

    Something I wish was better would be Winters Guile with Top Tree Stormcaller. With the new changes, imagine getting a uncharged melee kill, just to run up on two guardians, hitting one with you charged melee and having a buffed Chain Lightning do the rest….ugh… would've been real nice but…ya know…top tree is busted…and not in a good way…

  2. Ben Devlin
    Ben Devlin says:

    Just an idea for one the exotic concepts.

    Trapper's Vambrace:

    Exotic perk- Predator: Tethers now cause suppression immediately on impact as well as reduces the time it takes to fire shadow shot. Reduces the "floating away aspect" of quiver. Shadow shot Tethers more enemies. (In mayhem tether takes longer to charge)

  3. SwipaWifle
    SwipaWifle says:

    Ok I know this isn't one of those videos, but I have a crazy exotic idea.

    Exotic legs for all guardians
    (Gift of Swiftness) hunter
    (Gift of Grace) Warlock
    (Gift of Might) Titan

    "At least give me the dignity of applause"

    Intrinsic perk: A beneficial distraction — emotes will now double the recharge rate of class abilities when used

    2nd perk — too close to danger
    Recharge rate triples when close to enemies.

  4. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    This was a lot of fun to watch, in order to determine the winner of a tiebreaker game that ends in another tie, you should go with the person who has the most kills with the featured ingredient of that week!

  5. IcePence
    IcePence says:

    Loadout Idea for Warlocks:
    Ignition Code w/ Slideshot (Other perk doesn't matter too much) [Also I probably might switch this with Survivors Epitaph with Quickdraw + Snapshot Sights, cause I have that]
    Wolftone Draw w/ Archer's Temp (or & Frenzy

    Power Weapon of choice

    Ophidian Aspect

    Shadebinder Subclass
    -Iceflare Bolts Aspect
    -Whisper of Fissures
    -Duskfield Grenade

  6. unamericano
    unamericano says:

    When you talked about new game modes I instantly thought of menagerie and how much fun that was as pve. I could imagine a similar shortform competitive dungeon as an extension of gambit maybe, or non pve puzzles in pvp maps. Just a thought.

  7. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    I actually got 4:
    Winters guile with nova warp ( no clue if it can one melee)
    Well with sunbracers(if grenades arent annoying enough)
    Wings of sacred dawn with sweet business (Apachelock)
    Starfire protocol with any dawn super and a vog kinetic (preferably firefly for the double boom)

  8. Theblazinghawk
    Theblazinghawk says:

    Alright, I finally got a decent idea after watching this:

    Exotic: Bleeding Ballerina
    The glaive [ ok this is a bad idea ]

    Intrinsic perk: Empathetic dance: Melee kills grant health and ability energy on long-range kills

    Exotic perk: Blood Bath: Melee attacks from the glaive trigger this effect. It puts a bleed effect on the enemies. But just to not break the crucible we'll tone down melee damage and increase the duration of the tick.

  9. MightyKingHoly
    MightyKingHoly says:

    Technically Detsiny 2 can never have a esport or tournament design, this is becuse there to much rng that effect the player skill overweamingly negativily or positivly, becuse of this atlest what i belive Destiny 2 can never be a seriously tournament or Esports game becuse as a fps shooter also its laking basical game mechanics like bigger maps, faster movement and more fluid with minimum chance of any gitches or errors, esencially how Destiny 2 is it values more the class your playing, and the build your using the best meta rather then actual player skill, as such it can never become a Esport like this, im not saying that it will definitly win, what im saying is that meta weapon has a significant impact to the spectrum of actual gunplay/skill,.

    A clear example of these are jotun, witherhoard, vex mythoclast, or other classes having absolute better abilities like how titan can get posibly tripple super duration in sunspot with exotic, buff allies, fill the whole field with litral magma, and getting hp each kill and exploding hammer that can even instakill another super in certain condition etc are just unfair advanatageus especially when people were wining that chaos reach had 25% more faster gen, and was to op, even thou this statement is unjustified never the less warlock was nerfed.

    Becuse their to much unjustification in lots of the discrimination that were taken againt warlock and to some point players who use warlock them selves, becuse if you ask me warlock has a huge skill game unlike the other classes.

    their just no way i see Destiny 2 being a esport, or tournament fps with real competition, becuse most of the wining method is not dependent in player skills as it should i a neutral balance ambient.


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