Trying to be FANCY with Osso Buco | 100 Moods & Runnin' Day 3

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100 Moods & Runnin’ Day 3 100 Moods & Runnin’ is a video series documenting my daily progress in the kitchen for 100 …

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  1. Iversyn Smith
    Iversyn Smith says:

    cooking is all ab the ingredients. start experimenting w flavors an different ingredients to see wha flavors yu like together. jumpin from eggs ta a beef dish is a lil wild lmaooo but it doesnt look bad thoo

  2. Alan Zavala
    Alan Zavala says:

    hey tre, if u want, its easier and will produce a better cut if you use the whole knife. rn ur just pushing the knife into the food which works but the better technique would be to slide the entire knife over whatever ur cutting. hope that makes sense or at least gives u the gist of what im trying to explain

  3. you1pop
    you1pop says:

    Hey try cutting things with he back of the knife not the front. You have more control and it will be easier, also don't have your fingers tips out when you holding the food you cutting. Tuck them and have your knuckles in front.

  4. D2X
    D2X says:

    I'm not even a beef guy, outside of burgers but I would try this, minus the white wine. Personal preference.

    Side note, calling the Polenta "Patella" took me back to when you couldn't say "Precision" 😆😆


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